Each eye says its own story. eyes has their own language of expression and impression. you can make your eyes more dramatic and more expressive with a slight change in your makeup brush.today we will have a look on the diffrent styles of eye makeup.

dark shimmer and darker shine with black eye liner

a long line of eyeliner is highlight of this makeup.

 Silver Angel eyes

fully silver shining eye shadow with a red line in the inner cut of eyes make you look like a heaven grown angel.

 pink silver and jewels

the eyes look like a box of precious jewels . no one can dare to ignore these eyes.

shining sapphire on eyes

saphire, one of the precious stone come alive in these eyes.


Stars in eyes

Cant you feel that its looks like stars falling out of eyes ?

Seven color of rainbow

no one can answer that either the rainbow is more beautiful or the eyes ? the eyes are having a all color of rainbow and fine impression of nature.

Fine Golden Eyes

Golden eye shadow on eyes and with long stroke of eye liner .

pink eye shadow and silver eyeliner in deeper cut


Smoky Eye makeup

black smoky eye appear like a dark clouds . silver double eye line here appear like silver lining of black clouds.

Yellow eye shadow look like a fresh morning

this is cool eye make loved by college going teenager and fashion experts.

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