What a Nail Artist Do?

Nail artist is a person who is responsible for performing a variety of nail care services to client. They do manicure, pedicures, paint designs onto nails with brush and decorate nails with colored varnish, transfer glitters.

Duties: Nail artist works to help in grooming and designing client’s nails in an attractive manner. They greet their clients and inspect their hands before performing any task on nails and then discuss what work the client wishes to carried out. They can also ask for replacing existing nails with newer one and also have tips for aftercare, so that nails look best as long as possible. Duties and responsibilities of a nail artist are:

  • They remove previously applied nail polish, clean, trim, file, shape, smooth and polish the nails of client’s.
  • They observe clients nail closely so that there is no infectious disease present.
  • They soften the client cuticle and push it back.
  • They need to keep their equipment and tools clean.
  • Ensure the customers satisfaction and build great relationship with customers.
  • They may apply artificial nails.

They not only work with nails, but also perform other duties:

  • They accept payments.
  • They answer the calls.
  • Scheduling appointments for client.
  • They require great customer service skills.



Work Environment:

Working environment of a nail artist should be sanitary, clean and professional. They should wear a common color coats or shirts to promote professional attitude. Majority of nail artists work in a salon and day spa. Each nail artist has their own table for work. In smaller salon, the table may be smaller enough to work and located near a sink that client use for soaking. In larger salon, each nail artist has their own room or cabin that is free from distraction. For the relaxation of customer, playing soft music comes in the first preference.

 Work Schedule:

Nail artist usually work for 40-45 hour per week but they may also vary. But you cannot bond the job of a nail artist in time limits. As being a nail artist you must consider flexibility in your timing. As most of clients prefer to get services in weekends and evening time so nail artist may also have to work in the weekends and in the evenings.


The average salary of a nail artist is ranges from 12000-25000 per month. And experience also plays a vital role in the salary. More experience you have more salary you can expect. The salary of a nail artist also depends upon the working environment. There is also a great impact of geographical location on the salary. If they are working in a large salon / spa, they can expect to earn more and if they are working in a small salon, they can expect to earn less.

How to Become a Nail Artist:

To become a nail artist one should have certification in NVQ Level2 in nail services for junior technicians and NVQ Level3 in nail services for senior nail technicians. Other qualification may also include certificate or diploma in nail treatment and ITEC level 3 diploma in nail technology from private institutions or colleges. During training one should have to learn the law pertaining to safety for instance if any client gets injured while doing manicure and pedicure then they must have the knowledge of procedure that they have to follow. They will go to learn the different nail products, massage techniques, nail designs.

Skills and Personal Qualities:

Patient: A nail artist must require patience to work diligently.

Passion: To improve your carrier path in customer service role, you should be passionate about what you do.

Creativity: Creativity is only the ladder to become successful nail artist. More creative idea more earning.

Knowledge of Latest Trends:  You should have the knowledge of latest beauty trends or techniques.

Communication Skills: You should have the good communication skills, so that you can interact with client freely and build a good relationship.

Job Prospects:

After starting carrier as a nail artist, you can start your own business in future. By doing some further studies, you can become professional teacher or may also work with fashions designers for the preparation of nails for the models.

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