Intelligence agencies are made and trained with a purpose to ensure the safety and security of citizen of a country. But sometime there negligence or you may call it their failure led to a great damage. Their failure changes the thousands of lives for forever. So, here I am going to write about the some of the biggest failures that cannot be forgotten neither forgiven.
9/11 attack or world trade center attack

This is one of the biggest terrorist attacks in the history of America. On September 11, 2001, 19 militants hijack four airplanes. These all militant were associated with the Islamic Extremist group Al-Qaeda. They carried out suicide attack against the targets in the United States. Two planes hit the twin towers of world trade center, while the third plane hit the pentagon outside of Washington, D.C. the fourth plane was crashed in the field of Pennsylvania. There were almost 300 people killed in it and injured over 6000. It causes a big damage to the most developed nation of the world.
How the intelligence agencies failed
It was not only a big shock to United States but also whole world was shocked. As America was most developed nation, so how can all the intelligence agencies get failed. It was not like those intelligence agencies did not have any clue of destruction. The whole planning began from 1999. Saudi Intelligence agencies have already informed the CIA about the status of these terrorist who actually was having U.S visa. On august 6 2001, CIA briefed to president there are indication of suspicious activity in the country and it may be something hi-jacking or any other types of attack. But somewhere the failure happen and it appears as the biggest terrorist attack of Unites states.

2008 Mumbai attacks also refer as 26/11 attack

It was a group of ten young men who spread the terror in financial capital of India. The entire terrorists were member of Lashkar-e-Taiba. Lashkar-e-Taiba is an Islamic terrorist organization based in Pakistani. These attacks drew global criticism. The attack began on 26 November and ended on 29 November. 164 people were killed in it and 308 people were injured. The attack happens at chhatarpati shivaji terminus, Oberoi Trident, The Taj Place & Tower, Leopold Café, Cama Hospital and Narimon house. All the attackers except one was killed. The Taj palace and the Oberoi hotel are 5 star hotels and at the time of attack many foreigners were inside the hotel including many Americans. The militant were mainly targeting non-Muslims and specially the foreign nationals. The attackers were pre-planned to Jews in narimon Point and also American nationals at both five star hotels so that they can spoil India relation to all Nations. They were also in revenge of afaganisataan war from America by killing their citizens.

How intelligence agencies failed
The United States intelligence agencies had warned India twice at least a month before the attacks. They have warned the chances of sea attack on Mumbai. On November 18, Indian intelligence also intercepted a phone call to a number in Pakistani. The call was made to leader of the lashkar-e-taiba. All the attacker come via a boat and landed at Mumbai sea port, so how such thing get ignored by radar signals. How it came possible that all the militants enters in 5 star hotel with so much loaded explosive, guns and bullets and all. This is simply a case of failure of Indian agencies.

Peshawar school massacre

This attack shows real face of terrorists or you can say the cowards who killed innocent student’s kids and women inside the school premises. The all happens on 16 December 2014, when six gunman who were officially member of tehrik-i-taliban Pakistan. All the militants enter in Army Public school in Peshawar and start open firing on everyone. As at that time classes were going on so many teacher locked themselves in classrooms. All the militants were wearing explosive belts and entered in school from the back through a cemetery adjacent to the school. The terrorist were fuly loaded with the automatic weapons, grenades and explosives. All the terrorists were aimed to kill as many people as they can. Pupils were forced to watch their teachers killed in front of them. Within 15 minutes SSG teams had stormed the school and enter the premises and killed all the terrorists. But it was too late as til then more than 150 people were killed which include 134 children and school staff members. The news was very shocking to whole world as how militants can kill innocent children. Pakistan government protective policies were very much criticized after this yet the whole world show sympathy toward the children who were killed.

How intelligence was failed

Pakistan is Muslim majority country and Islamic shariya law is also part of its law. Another thing is that army has very important role in Pakistan’s politics. So, how can army let this happen a terrorist attack on army school. What the whole intelligence was doing while the terrorists were planning the attack.

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