Pradyuman thakur was a 7 year old kid who was brutally murdered inside the school premises. He was a student of 2nd class of Ryan international School at Gurugram. yet i wont call it school and we will later discuss the reason for it.

today I am here to disclose the real murderer, who murder  pradyumann. Intially haryan police probe disclose that pradyuman was murdered by Ashok , school bus conductor. but after CBI intervetion It was disclose that pradyuman was murdered by 11th class student of the same school.

Now, me and every parents like me want justice for pradyuman, but we are felling helpless as the murderer is an minor age student, so it would be difficult for court and judges to order any harsh punishment for this.

but here is a question, if we cant give punishment to a minor student then what it means?

No punishment means no crime happens?

Did the pradyuman, a seven year old student commits suicide?

if you are a 16 year old then did it means law is different for you? or you are free to commit any crime and ruined anyone life because you are 16 year old.

i feel if we can not punish the 16 year old person then law should definitely decide the responsibility as who will be responsible if the a minor commits crime. In that case, I think  the parents of 11th class student need punishment because its seem to a pure case of  lack of good parenting. it was pradyuman, what would the parents have doen if it would the there own kid, means the younger brother of 11th student.

i would like to know your all opinion regarding this.

who need the punishment in pradyuman murder case ?

A. the the 11th class student who is actual culprit?

B. the parents of 11th class student who wrong parenting make him culprit?


Who need to be punished in pradyuman thakur murder case

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