Today we will talk about the three different murders that shocked the nation. The 3 person who were murdered was kids or just reached the adolescent age. These murders shocked the nation, because it’s not about the brutality of murders, but also due to role of their parents in their murders mystery. These all cases clearly show the negligence of police in investigation and political interference. So here we began the list:-

Pradyuman murder case

 Pradyuman murder case is most recent case. A 7 year old kid named as Pradyuman thakur was murdered in school premises under very mysterious conditions. The incident takes place on 8 September 2017. Just after two hours of murders, police declares school bus conductor ‘Ashok’ as murderer. But I salute the parents of Pradyuman, who take further step and request for CBI investigation as there were many unsolved question. Two month later it was disclose that another student of the same school, who studies in class 11th have committed the murder. The case gain lot of media highlights as it created a fear among the every parents of India, whose kids are studying in school.

As it is said that the parent of 11th class student is quite wealthy so it raised a many questions. Is the police has knowingly tries to change the direction? Role of many political leader and school founder is also suspected. Yet I would appreciate the courage shown by the parent of Pradyuman thakur.

Arushi Murder case

 Arushi was a 13 year old girl who was murdered few days ago in his house at Noida, India. Arushi’s body was discovered on 16 may in his house. At first instance, the servant of the house, ‘Hemraaj’ was main suspect as he was missing. But two days later his body was found at roof top. His postmortem report shows that both Arushi and hemraaj were murdered at same day. The biggest surprising thing was that the both parents were sleeping in the adjoining room and they claimed that they did not hear any voice or sound in night.

Even nobody noticed that parents ever cry for their only child and its murder, neither have they raised a voice for justice regarding their only daughter murdered. But despite being a doctor they still wash the blood from the floor. Nobody heard any statement regarding they are asking for Justice. Most of the evidence were destroyed or got damaged despite the fact the court received media attention.  So, CBI later proposed to close the case in lack of evidence. But court ordered to file a case against their parents. in January 2011, the Talwars filed a petition protesting against the CBI’s attempt to close the case. But their petition was rejected by the magistrate Preeti Singh of the special CBI court in Ghaziabad. On 9 February 2011, she converted the CBI closure report into a charge sheet, and summoned Rajesh and Nupur as the accused. Yet on 17 Oct 2017, Allahabad high Court cancelled the life sentence handed out to the Talwars by a lower court that had convicted them based on circumstantial evidence.  The court declared innocent of murdering their only child Arushi and domestic help Hemraaj.

Sheena bora murder case

Sheena bora was an executive and hidden daughter of indrani mukherjea. Here its interesting thing to know is that Sheena bora and her brother Mikhail bora was born out of his live in relations. She hides the both kids and introduces them as their younger brother and sister to society. The mother of both kids, Indrani mukherjea has very interesting background that how a girl of poor family becomes the queen of media and glamour world. Yet we will discuss that in any other day in any other article. So, let’s continue the story.

Sheena bora got missing from Mumbai on 24 April 2012.indrani mukherjea killed her own daughter as she was in relationship with Rahul. Rahul was son of Peter Mukherjea from an earlier marriage. This led her to murder Sheena. She was murdered on April 24, 2012 her body was burnt and disposed off in a forest of raigad district. Indrani mukherjea is a well known face of media and glamour industry. This is really shocking to know that how a mother can murder her own daughter.

Both the three cases and the diffrent role of their parents. It makes me concern as what kind of India and society is and where we are living.

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