Goggle is always a great friend and a great tool for every activity. Chrome is one example of his excellence. Most of us used chrome browser on our laptop or desktop for searching and browsing. But chrome has lots of features that can enhance your productivity and surprise you. So check out the following features

  1. Pin tab

If right click on a tab and you can see a list of option stating from new tab. Hit on “pin tab” and it can minimise the tab as a display only icon. This feature will save the space and you can do multitasking.

  1. Display home

You wanna see “home ” button quick?

You need to click on the wrench icon at the top right corner, and select “preferences,”

Here you will find a check –box for “show home button in the toolbar”

  1. Easily create Shortcuts of your favourite websites

To create a shortcut of any of your favourite website, you will have to click on wrench icon and here select “tools” and then click on “create application shortcuts”.

  1. Paste and search and, paste and go

If you copy any URL outside chrome and you want to visit that site on chrome than this feature is useful to you. Usually we copy that URL and paste it in chrome. But now you need to click “paste and go” and chrome will start searching for it while “paste and search” saves time in long run.

  1. Drag and drop downloaded files

This feature allows you to drag downloaded files from chrome to your desktop and any other folder of your choice. And you don’t need to change download location

  1. In built task manager

Chrome offers an inbuilt task manager where you can see the memory and CPU resources consumed by each tab. To access its task manager you need to go to tools than click on task manager. The shortcut key to access is Shift+Esc.

  1. Address bar as a quick calculation tool

Yes, address bar can also be used for making quick and simple calculation. For example if you want to know what comes from 120*4 , you can type that in address bar and wait for a second. It will show the results

  1. Trick to reopen recently closed tab

All you need to do is press Ctrl+Shift+T. You can also try to open it by clicking on title bar and select “reopen closed tab”.

  1. Incognito mode

Incognito mode is a secret mode that will help you to not keep your browsing history together with download history. For this setting, go to settings and click “new incognito window”, you can also create a incognito widow by right click on mouse.

Just try all the above tricks; I hope it will bring a new experience to you.

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