In old days people communicate via sending letter. Then telegrams came  and later fax services and email services come. Now people can communicate easily with email within no time gap. But still postal services and fax services are present  today .  so that proves that people still use these modes.

So today we going to write about top 5 best online fax services. Here the countdown began:-

Hello Fax

Hello fax allowed users to send faxes for free on international numbers, all you need to have is an hotmail or an google drive account for using this service. Whenever you send a fax via using this service that fax automatically get stored on your sky drive or google drive account. users can send faxes directly from their email account as an pdf file. You can also sign ,edit or sent  fax to multiple numbers.

Best free fax

This is another free fax service where users don’t need to pay any setup fee. It ha a friendly user interfaces. However you can send unlimited outbound faxing but you can not receive it. yet you can opt for its paid options and get a fax number with your own.

 Fax zero

This service allows you to send free and paid fax anywhere in U.S and Canada and also an international fax. It support many fie formats like DOC, DOCX or PDF file and you can attach multiple files at a single time. In free fax you can send maximum 3 pages at a time and total 5 faxes per day while in paid option you can send 25 pages while you will be charged $1.99 per fax.

My Fax

This is my favourite service in list. This service allows users to send 200 free faxes per day and receives 100 free faxes per day. However it offers a free trial jus for 30 days and later you need to pay $10 a month for using the service. but i feel $10 is really worth for using this service.

Pam Fax

Pam fax is fully integrated with Skype. The site is highly secured and it support s many file formats  like pdf, doc and jpg. And it does not paste any ads on your faxes. Here you can send and receive faxes directly from your Drop box, Box, Google Drive and One Drive.


eFax allows users to send or receive faxes over the internet from any device with email access. In free service you will get a your own fax number where you can receive up to 10 pages of fax a month but here is one drawback of using free service that you can’t send any free faxes.

 Got Free Fax

This service allows you to send 3 pages fax per day and  2 free faxex per day. You can also add free fax cover page. While it has three premium plans where users need to pay from $0.98 to $2.98.

Thses are the best service for sending faxex online but you can also consider TrustFax, fax freedom and Nextiva fax.

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