Photos and videos are the best way to keep your memories alive. And as now it’s an era of Smartphone so most of the people use their Smartphone to capture images and videos. But many times it happed that you lost your photos and videos due to various reasons. The reason may be lost of phone, damage of phone, internal or external memory error or may b any other technical errors. There may be any reason but there is a chance that you may loose your pictures and videos at least this THING has happened to me twice so I know how it feels when you lose your pictures and videos. And it also teaches you a lesson as how important it is for you to take backup of all photos and videos or either have an app that can do automated backup for you.

So, now you must be aware about the topic which i m going to discuss here and that is 5 best apps to automatically backup your android phone photos and videos.

Google + auto backup

Google+ is a pre installed app on your Smartphone. Google+photos is linked with your google+ account. google offers you a combined storage of 15GB where you can save your pictures, videos and any other data .


Dropbox is very well known name for cloud storage. It offers very reliable and speedy service. however it offers only 2GB storage space but you can extend it as Dropbox runs promotions where you can get free storage.


Flickr is always been a best friend of photographers. Here users can auto upload and offer free storage of 1TB. It has auto sync feature so that users can upload their photos from their phone to their flicker account.

Amazon cloud drive photos

This service offers a free 15 GB cloud storage to you. This app can easily backup your photos and also saves the storage of your android device. Amazon is another reliable solution for taking up free cloud storage even Dropbox also use Amazon S3services.

Microsoft one drive

Microsoft one drive app runs on iOS, Android and window phone too. it offer 7 GB of free storage whereas you get more 3gb if user signup for auto camera backup.

Mega photo sync

Mega was primarily a file sharing service named as megaupload where users can upload and share files of bigger size. Now developers have introduced its mobile app named as mega that can auto back phone’s photos and videos.


So, just take a backup of all your photos and don’t forgot to tell if you like my article.

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