5 best video calling apps for android

What my kids will be doing at home?

How will be my parents there in home?

I wish I could see them once!

Wish granted!

Yes, now you can leave the distance behind. Coz you can now have video calling with your dear one. You just need your Smartphone and some good video calling apps. But whom to trust? As there are lots of apps in market with video calling feature but which one is best for you? i am going to tell you which one is best for you. i have collected some of best apps on the base of user experiences.


Skype is all time favourite of users of worldwide. it has more than 250 million users. You can make video calls from your Smartphone to other person. But the other person must have installed skype on their android.


  • You can send and receive instant messages for free
  • It can make low cost calls and text massages to all over world.
  • It allows you to share photos and video messages.

Google hangouts

It’s available for all android devices and also works on low bandwidth. In order to use this app you just need to have an account with google plus. The former Google talk app is replaced by hangouts.


  • Its works as a chatting app
  • You can share audio and video messages with it
  • You can make free video calls and group video calls with it




Oovoo is available for all smart phones whether it is a amazon fire phone, android, tablet, ipad, iphone or mac or anything. Buty oovoo will work for all devices.


  • It allows you to video chat with 12 or more friends.
  • Users can also share pictures and video with this app.


Tango has user friendly interface and you even don’t need a password for using  its service. for using this service you need to enter your phone number together with your email address and your first name.


  • You can also play with your friends while having in call with them
  • It can make high quality video calls on 3G,4G and Wi-Fi
  • You can find new friends with and also send personalise your message with fun stickers.


Viber is another great app that has all features of above stated apps. Free text, free calling and free video calling.


  • You can make group calling up to 40 people.
  • You can also shares files and location on this app.

Well, these above are the most trusted video calling apps available at play store. Google handout and skype are always the best and highest rating video calling apps but I personally use viber at my smart phone. But finally choice is yours, so, go and use the apps and share what you feel about it.


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