“Ghost do not exist.”, “there is nothing like spirits.” “There is no life after death.” “You cannot see a dead person.” “It’s all exists in mind”.


These above all the very popular phrases used by people who view life only with the view of scientific angel and i also agree with it to some extent. But if ghost do not exists in real then why some people claims that they have seen ghosts. Well, it’s very easy to say that there are not any existence of ghost or sprits but those who have experienced it will know how terrible situation they have faced. Today I am going to write about top 11 most haunted places around the world.  So spend a night there and share your experience with us on the existence of ghost and supernatural power.

So here the list starts with no 1 in our list:-

  1. The White house, Washington D.C

The white host is the most reputed building of America, which is used by most respectable person of America and that is president of America. There are many stores about ghosts of who were formerly president of America. The most popular stories are about Abraham Lincoln. There are also seen ghost of first lady dolly Madison, ghost of a British soldier and so on.

  1. Screaming tunnel, Niagara falls, Ontario

This tunnel is located underneath the railway track which connects Niagara falls to Toronto and new York. This is said that one night a young girl caught fire in a farm house nearby entrance of tunnel. She ran for help through the tunnel but she died as she was burnt badly. From that days it is said that her ghost live in that tunnel. If somebody tries lighting a match or try to put soem fire the spirit comes out screaming.

  1. Changi beach, Singapore


This beach is said to haunted place from Second World War. During Second World War thousands of Chinese soldiers were tortured and killed. From that date this beach is said to be a haunted place. Many person have seen headless bodies of Chinese soldiers at beach who dies during second world war.

  1. Bhangarh fort, rajasthan

This fort is situated in India. There are many stories about this place but one the most common is that there was magician who was in love the queen of bhangarh.  He did a magic on queen so that he can have queen as his beloved. But his magic gets reversed and he died. But before dying he cursed the city all the roof flown away from that time. It is said that those who live in this place after sunset will never come back alive.

  1. Edinburgh castle, Scotland

This is castle has history from Iron Age. It is believed to most haunted place of city. There are reportedly said by many visitors and staff that they have experiences many paranormal activities at places. Many visitors have claimed that they have seen headless bodies and strange and scary sounds.

  1. Monte Cristo, New South Wales, Australia

This house is owned by the crawly family. They lived in the house from 1855 to 1948. The family has seen many death here in their house. A young child was dead here after he dropped down the stairs and the maid of family died as she fallen from balcony. After that there are many deaths happen in house.

  1. Castle of good hope, cape town, south Africa

This castle was built in 17th century by Dutch east India Company. There are many stories related to its paranormal activities that people has feel there. In the 1700 a soldier was found hanging from the bell tower at the very entrance of castle. Another story is about a lady in gray .many visitors has seen her running in the castle however her ghost has not been seen again as a dead body of women is found during recent excavations.



So, next time when you say that ghost do not exist, just try to visit any of the above places and share your experience with us  so that other reader would also find whether ghost exists or not

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