Being insecure is a human nature. Everyone at sometimes feels insecure about his partner. No doubt that sometimes insecurity is a part of many relations. And i have even seen some people who say that being insecure is a another way to show your love that how badly you need that person in his life.  But every emotion is excess is bad whether it is love or insecurity. But how to know that his insecurity is turning a wrong or sometimes a dangerous way. Today we will tell you the 7 sign which can help you.

  1. He check call records and SMS history in your phone

This first sign if you found your man keep checking call record and SMS entries on your phone. Than it clearly means that he feels that you are hiding anything from him. He may ask about each unknown number, and ask to you why you talked for a long duration on a number or who make this call etc…

  1. He tries to grab more attention without any occasion

Well, t seems to be romantic first but it is not. If your boyfriend always gave you gift you without any special occasion then this may be his way to keep you as his girl friend. He always tries to show that you will always get new surprise if you choose to stay with him forever. Well a kind of bribe or greed offering what I said this to not a romantic gift.

  1. If he keep explaining that how he get cheated by his ex.

Nobody will break up a relation if everything is fine but if break up happens then it fills both of partners with a hatred and negative emotion for each other. But if you boyfriend always tries to explain that he go t cheated by his ex while he was right. Then don’t you think he is pointing a finger to you that you are going to cheat you but in actually you are not.

  1. If you are not with him he get frustratated and acts like you are left him

For example you both are supposed to be together on a particular date or time but you fail to do so. He started shouting madly at you or he blames for every misunderstanding than this is another warning sign.

  1. He feel jealous from your friends or often enquire about them

If your boyfriend often asks you question like, what you are doing with your friend Sam? Why you talk with other male friends if he is with you, so he is trying to compete with your friends and telling you that he is jealous from your friends

  1. He thinks you are having an affair with another guy

If your boyfriend constantly thinks that you are having an affair with another guy than it means he is very insecure about you and later it will also become very difficult for you to convince him that you are not having any affair.

  1. His moods depends on your actions

If his mood totally depend on your actions. Like if you are in a bad mood due to your job or work he may take it as you are feeling bad because of him.

These are the above sign that can help you to tell that your man is very much insecure about you. But these all sign may change due to each individual behaviour so first you need to understand your boyfriend and then further decide whether his behaviour is optimal state or not. Coz we all need love and someone who can love us.



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