Flowers are useless. They die soon. Instead of spending on flowers you can buy something useful. You can give several reasons to deny the importance of flowers but in actual you will lose the fight` of arguments. So there are flowers for every occasion, when you purposes a girl, on your wedding ceremony, when you going to meet a patient, saying congratulation on someone’s promotion.

Flowers are best way to express your love. So today I am writing about 7 flowers that help you to define your love.

  1. Rose

No matter whether you give her bouquet or give her a single rose, it will easily express your love. Rose simply means love and romance. Buy her a rose and she will be yours. Roses come in various color and variety but red roses are best.



  1. Tulip

Tulip flower has not so much petals like rose but it’s simply perfect. There are red, white and yellow tulips. When I go around flower shop I could not stop myself LOOKING at these beautiful and gorgeous flowers.

  1. IRIS

Iris flower symbolise faith hope, wisdom and courage. The faith we need to have on our love, hope that we will be together. Courage that a couple need to fight with society for our love.

  1. Sunflower

It is said about sunflower that as the sun moves so in the same direction flower also moves.  Sunflower represents adoration, loyalty and longevity.

  1. Orchid

How beautiful they are!

Is not it? A four petal flower.

That’s what most of girls say whenever they see orchids. There is hidden treasure in orchid flowers. They have everything; they express all positive aspects of your love, beauty, luxury, beginning, desire and strength.


  1. 6. Jasmine

There are no arguments on facts that jasmine is beautiful flower. But I have one more reason to that relate them with love, and that is their fragrance. These flowers smell really great. It has something divine.



  1. Magnolia

These flowers symbolise nobility and innocence. However this is not perfectly romantic flower but they express a feeling, an emotion that differentiates you from others.

I know that next time you won’t forgot to gift a bouquet of flowers to your loved one but don’t forget to know about his choice in colours, smell and aroma. And I am telling you a secret that sometime flowers can bring more big smile to your loved ones.



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