These days when government and self helping groups are creating awareness. On the other side a silent killer is feeling happy as it will get more targets.
So, what’s the silent killer?
These are the sanitary napkins. Yes sanitary napkins are silent killer to a woman’s health. Here I am going to tell you some shocking fact about sanitary napkins after which you can change your way of thinking.
1. Cellulose in pads are very dangerous
The cellulose in the sanitary napkin or sanitary pad can cause cervical cancer. Most of the sanitary napkin that claimed to have super absorbent power have these cellulose in their napkins. Cellulose can cause cervical cancer to women which are second leading cause of cancer in women.

2. Sanitary napkins have too much chemicals
Sanitary napkins have too much chemical in them. There is Dioxin in pads that can cause abnormal tissue growth in the reproductive organs. Another chemical that added in sanitary napkin is Rayon, rayon increase the absorbing capacity of pads. Moreover the whiteness in pads is achieved by chlorine bleach. There is also the use of plastic in the back sheet of pads.

3. Perfume used in sanitary pads
Perfume is also used in sanitary pads to make you odor free. But as perfume is also chemical based ingredients so it’s not safe for health. This can create infertility and birth defects.

4. Use of synthetic material
You can easily the top most layer of sanitary pad is made of synthetic material and the thing we cannot see is the inner layer or components. Well you may not know but synthetic material is also used in inner layers too. This synthetic material can block wetness and temperature. It can create a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria and yeast.

5. It needs to changed within 4 to 5 hours
You need to change your sanitary pad and tampon after every 4 to 5 hour. If not changed then it can cause toxic shock syndrome and other infection to you.

6. Majority of pads are non-biodegradable
Most of the sanitary pads available in the market are non-biodegradable and cannot be recycled. A pad is equal to 4 average size plastic bags and if its super absorbent or tampons then it can more than 4 plastic bags. So, whenever we throw pads in garbage its going to create more environment and land pollution.

What should we do?
Here we all have known that sanitary pads are not hygienically and medically good at all. So what options we are left with?
You can use reusable menstruation cups, cotton cloth pads (but that need to sanitize every time you use, you can sanitize it by putting the cloth in direct sunlight for few hours).
So please share this message, don’t choose an easy option just because some people saying it. Just go for healthy options and that are menstruation cups and cotton cloths.

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