Air pollution is become a biggest problem to environment. In last few years air pollution has crossed the danger level .air pollution may seems to be simple environmental problem to many of us but it’s not as simple as it seems. Air pollution brings a lot of other problems along with itself. It can cause asthma, heart disease, difficulty in breathing, burning of eyes, and throat disease. It also increases the risk of many types of cancer and dangerous chemical enter in your body through your breath. Even the problem becomes more complicated for elder people, children and those who are already suffering from diseases. Many of us think that we can avoid air pollution by staying inside the home. But that not true as air pollution moves with the air and this also pollutes inside air of your home. Today we will talk about that how you can control your inside environment and avoid air pollution inside the home.
1. Keep your floor clean
Keep your floor fresh and mopped. Many air pollutant and chemical can be hidden in household dust. So you should always clear your floor. Mopping the floor will picks up the dust. Another thing that you must care about is to avoid usage of phenyl or other chemical based floor cleaner. you can use them once in a week but try to avoid their daily use.

2. Maintain an adequate level of humidity:
Bacteria grow faster if there is high level of moisture in your home. This can cause problem to the asthma patients and children. And they can easily catch more diseases easily. So you should maintain humidity around 30% to 50% in your home. Try to make the corner of your house dried up as there are more chances of high level moisture and bacteria in corners. To control this you can use exhaust fan in kitchen. You should carefully control the amount of water to indoor plants and don’t overwater them. Another thing you must do is to fix leaky plumbing to prevent moisture.

3. Smoking are not allowed in home
A cigarette contains more than 4000 chemicals. It is single and most repeated air pollutant that most of the time you make by yourself. So, you should try to make your home smoking free as this will improves indoor air quality and also beneficial to health. Passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking. So when a family person smokes, it effects very badly on the health of other family members. So you should avoid this at least do not smoke at home.

4. Test your home and its soil for radon
Radon may be a new word for many of you. Well, actually radon is radioactive gas that generate from the natural decay of uranium found in nearly all soils. Radon is colorless and odorless gas. Radon is second leading cause of lung cancer and many other diseases. Radon flow through the ground and in the cracks and holes of your house foundation. It’s mostly observed that older homes have high level of radon.

5. Use natural fragrant to make your house smells good
Many of us use air freshener to make our house smell good. But most of air freshener comes in market are synthetic base and they are made of petroleum products. And many of them also not tested. Even many laundry products come with scents. So, this time you need to look for fragrance free or naturally scented you should use laundry products. You should use mild cleaner that do not include artificial fragrances. Even you should also avoid usage of deodorants, hair sprays, carpet cleaners and furniture polish.

6. Use of air purifiers
Air purifier can purify the indoor air but they are a costly solution and also they can be used in a very small area mostly they are used just in a single room. But you can use them. They are found effective in controlling in indoor pollution.

The all above are the suggestion that can improve your indoor air quality but you must not forgot that these all are temporary solution as you cannot avoid going outside. You should plants more and more trees in order to have this clean environment.

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