In ancient times people have there own science and technology behind there every work. Yet, the medical science may not be so developed during that age but they do have theri own way of forecasting desease and their treatments.  In earlier times people use some homemade remedies and tricks to find there  illness .and in the same way they also detect pregnancy. Pregnancy test strips was developed in 1968 but even that time it was not so popular. However in todays it is very easier to buy pregnancy test kit and make it done at your own. But there are many other ways homemade pregnancy test that can help you and could indicate your pregnancy. So today i am going to write about  homemade pregnancy test. Have a look at them.

  1. Dandelion leaves

Cut a few dandelion leaves and place them in a plastic container.please check that container should not come in contact with direct sunlight as it may effect the test urinate on that dandelion leaves and let that leaves completely merged with urine. Check them after ten minutes if you found red lumps on leaves it means you are pregnant.

  1. Bleach

Use this method out of your bathroom as fumes emitted out of bleach can make problem in breathing. For using bleach as pregnancy test, you need t mix bleach and urine in equal amounts. If mixture begins to foam than its indicate that you are pregnant.

  1. Toothpaste

First of all arrange a white milky toothpaste. Now mix a spoonful of toothpaste with your urine in a small plastic container.   Next you need to be patience for some minutes. If mixture turns to be blue and frothy than it’s a positive results.

  1. Urine collection

Collect urine in a plastic jar and put that jar on flat surface. Check it after few hours. If you found a thin white layer on its surface its a positive result.

  1. Soap

This is as simple method as of first method stated above. You need to add urine to a small piece of soap. If froth forms or you found the soap bubbles up its sign that you are pregnant.

  1. Mustard powder

Fill the bathtub with ht water ands add some fresh mustard powder to easily soak your body in  the water for next 15 to 20 minute. After tha t take shower with plain water. And if next day your period startsthan its indicate that you was not pregnant . and if you do not have menses till next 48 hours its may be an indication to pregnancy.

  1. Sugar

Put 2 or 3 tablespoon of sugar in a plastic container. Next urinate on the sugar. Wait for few minutes if you see sugar is dissolving in urine the result is negative and if forms clumps it is a positive indication.

Yet all of the above method are very popular few decades ago but as for my personal recomdation is that you should go to a gynaecologist or use a medicated pregnancy test kit.




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