Green tea is a caffeine free beverage and also a healthiest one too. Green tea is full of antioxidant and nutrient and its really have very positive impact on our health. There are countless benefits of green tea as it lowers the chances of tumor, it help in weight loss and has a positive effect on memory.

Here I am going to tell some of the amazing benefits of green and I am sure after reading these benefits you should also start consuming green tea.

  1. Green tea improves health

Green teas have many bioactive compounds and also a large number of nutrients. Tea works as antioxidants. So all these together helps in reducing the formation of free radicals in the body. These free radicals are known as a major reason of aging and diseases.

  1. . Green helps in brain to functions well

Green tea contains caffeine but not much as coffee. But it contains caffeine in very smaller proportion which is sufficient to make you awaken and simultaneously it contains amino acid L-thiamine which helps to your brain to function better.

  1. . Green tea helps in burning excess body fat

Green tea remains on a top recommendation if you are a trying to burn excess body. Green tea is also found in mostly weight losing supplements.

  1. Green tea lowers the risk of cancer

Green tea contains many antioxidants so it reduces the risk of various types of cancer. There are multiple studies that support the claims that green reduces the risk of various cancers.

  1. Helpful for diabetes patients

Green tea helps in regulation glucose levels and lowers the blood sugar rise after eating. This can prevent you to take high insulin.

  1. Helpful to prevent heart disease

Green tea works on the blood vessels and makes them relaxed and clean. So it can easily manage the blood pressure changes. It simply stops formation of clots.

  1. Healthy teeth

Green tea kills bacteria and germs in your teeth and improves dental health. So there remain less chances of infection. There are also many studies that show s that it controls bad breath.

  1. Blood pressure

If one is consuming green in daily routine, than it’s found really positive effect in controlling blood pressure.

  1. Skin care

Green tea has many antioxidants and nutrients and all these antioxidants together helps in anti aging. It makes you look younger and add more shine to yours skin.

  1. Stress killer

Stress is the main reason behind many other problems.  It makes you tired easily and also it can cause lack of sleep. But green tea is known to reduce stress. It helps the hormone that can make you feel happy.



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