Art is everywhere and where it is not there are art lover who are ready to create art for you. Everyone like to décor his room, clothes, hairs, shoes and everything else surrounding to him or under his authority. Now art has got a new trend or a new direction to walk in and that’s nail art. Nail art is like a miniature paintings on your nails. You can draw a nature scene, any theme or apply nail accessories like colorful stone, tape and many more like it.

Today we will learn to make some trendy and beautiful nail arts. So just check it.

  1. Blue and zebra lines.

Here start with applying blue color nail paint all over your nails and now apply white coat on half of the nail with perfect slant line from top one edge to opposite edge below. And draw zebra print with black color paint and add highlight of silver paint at the slang edge of blue paint.

  1. Blue dot polka dots puzzle

Apply sky blue color paint on all over your nails. Now add dark blue color on half of the nail in sloping style. Now add little blue dots on the lat near blue paint sky blue. And next add polka dots on the whole sky blue painted area of a nail. In the same way apply sky blue color polka dots on the dark blue painted area on nail.

  1. Base skin tone with a little slant of dark pink

Start with apply basic skin tone shade on all over the nails. And further apply the dark pink shade with the help of tape as shown in picture.

  1. Melting shading

Select your mixing polishes. Chose the marine blue shades.  Apply the polishes to the mixing surface and mix the polishes together. Just check and adjust the shade if needed. Clean off a polish brush and paint your nails.

  1. Cute nail art tutorial

Apply the base shade as shown in picture and apply the dark blue polish in the same way. Finish it applying further shades.

  1. Elegant Easter nail art

Start with pearl pink shade. Put three dots on the edge of nail. Put dark pink dots around the white dot so that it can look like a flower. And with make big white dot in center for making bunny face. And follow the same steps as shown in image.

  1. Swirl it nail art

Start with applying the pure white nail paint and after that put three medium sized pink dots in mid of nail and now with the white paint and pink dots to make a swirl with a help of a painted surface.

  1. Scary skull is on impression

Apply the white paint on nails. Now draw two black dots to make skull’s eye. Draw a black circular motion line on the edge of nail and further give it detailing so it can look like a skull.

  1. Cat on finger tip

Start with applying base tone so that nail looks shiny and start drawing a cat with the help of black.

  1. Black and white nails art.

Start with apply black nail paint. The nail paint must have glitters in it. On the next step use white thinner going lines of white dots. Apply the white shade in a way that it look like washed out white shade.

  1. Santa hat with a star on the hat corner.

This nail art look like you r nail tips are wearing a Santa’s hat. So have a look at the tutorial picture. It’s an easy but really a charmful art design.

  1. Cherry blossom

Start with apply white nail polish on the full nails. Now draw a V shape with black pen so it look like braches. Put two big red drops on the and draw a green leaf. Rest of the nails can be combined with applying red polka dots on white paint.

  1. Sunflower

Its may seems liitle complicated but its not exactly .its just need a little practice and patience.

  1. Polka dots with a bow.

Its looks really beautiful and a perfect design if you are going for a date.

  1. Roses on the sky

Apply light toen of sky blue on your nails and sart making flower when its dry.i feel this design can really change your mood. It’s a perfect if your are going in soft romantic  mood.

  1. Drawing a rose.

What a rose express is love , deep emotion and nature. So with the trails of nature and start drawing roses on your nails.

  1. Lily on green

This art is applied on a base shade of nature’s green polish. And later lilies are drawn on it

  1. Mickey

There is a kid always in our heart who still get excited when its sees micky. Do this time draw a Mickey on your finger tip

  1. Autumn tree

Tree is drawn with brown shade. So if season can change than why not your nails.

  1. Red in the air.

No matter what flower its is but red must accompanies it. So here are the lilies drawn on red base.

  1. Black manicure daisy.

Who says that black doesn’t represent the beauty? So just check this work. Who has beauty just because the whole work is designed over black.

  1. Red and white Christmas

Apply the red shade on all over your nails and now apply white polka dots. Draw a snow star with white paint.

  1. Orchids on air

Apply the basic French manicure shades on nail and use to draw these beautiful  flowers.

  1. New shades of flower

Try this art and make a post on social media and see how it works.

  1. Original summer ideas

Beach on your fingertip and just feel the sky and try this with the above tutorial.

  1. Roses on pink surface

Apply the light matt pink shade nail paint on your nails and draw roses with red and white nail paints.

  1. Metropolitan cities start with a base coat and next apply the shaded sky coat. Later draw skyscraper with black pen.
  2. Clothes for your nails

Give your clothes to your fingernails and draw this.

  1. Purple is everywhere.

Check how purple is made on high in this

  1. Yellow on nails

Check the different but an easy makeover with your nails



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