Check out the beautiful wire wrapped earings

Earnings are the most common and also most important jewelry accessories. majority of women have box full of earring in their vanity  box and they still buy more for the reason called,’Fashion & Beauty’.  today i am here to show you some beautiful wire wrapped earring. the best thing is that you can make them by your own.

here the list starts:-

  1. Multi coloured crystal tied

2. Sky blue earring like sky is broken down in it.

3. Simple circle of wire and beads

4. Purple funny circles

5. Sparrows in ears. what they are saying

6.Cherries in any seasons.

7.Beautiful creativity with wire, stone and beads

8.Cystal flowers and leafs

9. Rain Of Crystal, falling from ears

10. Beautiful sky blue inspiration earings

11. Peacock feather or A Nest

so, just check out and find what inspire you most.

10 thoughts on “11 Wire Wrapped earrings”

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