We all know about condoms. It will also agree that condoms are tremendous in science but have ever thought that when it started (Beginning), now we want to let you know that in today’s era the children grow up a little If he starts to know about condom, then let us tell you some unheard of words about condoms.

Interesting Facts about Condom –


1. The oldest condoms have been found in Sweden .

2. The world’s largest condom is 260 feet long.

3. According to an estimate , more than 5 billion condoms are used in the world every year.

4. Condoms can be filled up to a gallon water.

5. The female will be as hot as the female does not have to use condoms as much as possible.

6. Female condoms are more buy than men.

7. On 14th February alone, single condoms are sold in “per second” in America.

8. The first rubber condom was built in 1944.

9. Condom should always be kept in cold and dry place. Putting more heat and moisture in place, increases the chances of its burst during sex.

10. In Australia, children can not buy alcohol, not just cigarettes but also condoms.

11. Condom is derived from the word ‘Condus’ of the Latin language, which means box.

12. In Egypt, i.e. Egypt (1350 BC) At the time of condom use evidence, the bladder of condom animals were made from intestines.

13. In 1944 Charles Goodyear received the first patent of Cramp rubber condom.

14. Chronicles of condoms are 15,000 years old, have been found to be the size of condoms in a cave in France.

15. On the day of “Valentine’s Day” condom sales increase by 30%.

16. 18 V In the Century, condoms were made from sheep and goat’s intestines, and sometimes using the skin of the fish.

17. Most condoms are used in South Africa.

18. Although  sex education is an important subject and also important health concern but still only one third of students are taught to use condoms

19. During World War, soldiers used to give condoms on their hose to protect their rifle from the water.

20. The latest evidence related to the use of condoms was found in Cumberas, a cave of France, in 100-200 AD.

21. If condoms are used properly during sex, then 98 percent of them are effective in preventing pregnancy.

22. During the Sochi Olympics, 1,00,000 condoms were distributed to athletes. So that the player can enjoy sex in a big way, in the 2016 Olympics, 42 condoms per player were consumed.

23. Spermicide , condoms are considered safe up to 99 percent.


I hope you going to recall all above facts , when you buy a condom next time. keep reading and don’t forgot to comment us.

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