Adolf Hitler was one of the cruelest dictators of history till the date. He is responsible for killing the millions of Jews. There are endless stories of his cruelty. More than 70 year has been passed after his death but still every person who even shows a little cruelty is referred as ‘Hitler’. So, here we are going to told you about some unseen and unknown fact about his life. Here the list goes on:-

  1. Hitler was once nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Well, the above fact at first instance seems to be a joke but it is a truth. In 1939, a member of Swedish parliament nominated the name of Adolf Hitler for the biggest award of world which is given to the person who toward the peace and betterment f society and people. He was nominated in 1939 but the proposal was not accepted and the nomination withdraws.

  1. Hitler use to take injection of extracts from testicles of young bulls.

According to the Hitler’s physician, Hitler inject himself with the extracts from prostate glands and testicles of young bulls to boost his sexual drive. Hitler’s physician morel also gives a medicine called testoviron so that he can have more sexual pleasure with his mistress Eva Braun.

  1. Hitler ordered the manufacturing of blow-up dolls

Hitler ordered the manufacturing of blow up dolls for his Nazi combatants. He do so to discourage Nazi combatants from sleeping with disease ridden prostitutes. This was a secret project that delivered 50 dolls to the Nazi troopers. But the soldiers refused to carry the dolls and officers were also worried that if the soldiers were caught by enemy with these dolls it would be subject of heavy embracement. So, in 1942 the project was shutdown.


  1. Hitler wanted to create a “museum of an extinct race”.

Hitler wanted to vanish the entire Jewish race and even killed millions of Jewish.  He even collects thousand of Jewish artifacts to build the museum. He ordered to retain the paintings and all other valuable belongings of all Jews who got murdered.

  1. Hitler passed a law against animal cruelty

That’s a quite strange thing that a person, who mercilessly murdered million of innocent people could be so sensitive about animals. However the fact is very true as he has passed a law against animal cruelty. Even he himself followed a vegetarian diet. He was intended to reduce meat consumptions by the German after Second World War.

  1. Hitler was selected Time Magazine’s Man of the Year for 1938

Hitler was selected as ‘Man of the Year ‘by Time Magazine in 1938. After Munich summit, as Germany had been granted region of Czechoslovakia as per the agreement. So it was thought to be time of successful preventive measure against a possible outbreak of world war. Well, it can be said that this was done to appease Hitler.

  1. Hitler loves to eat chocolates

Hitler was having a sweet tooth. He could easily eat two pounds of chocolate per day. His dentist says that he has terrible bad breath and gum disease too. even once Hitler plotted to kill by exploding chocolate. An explosive device covered with thin layer of chocolate but the plan got flopped.


  1. Hitler was married to Eva Braun just before his death

Hitler’s longest relationship was with Eva Braun. She was his mistress and enjoys the royal life but she tries to commit suicide two times. he married Eva Braun just before 36 hour of his death. After their marriage they both went to a bunker and later commit the suicide.  However in a DNA test conducted in 2009, the skull (Hitler’s skull) was of women under 40 years.

  1. Hitler showed mercy on his family doctor who was a Jewish

Hitler showed mercy for a doctor who was Jewish. That was an Austrian doctor who didn’t charge Hitler family during his childhood as Hitler’s family was facing hard times at those days. Hitler never sentences him to a concentration camp and always protects him saying him as a “Noble Jew”.

  1. “Mein Kampf” profit go to charity

“Mein Kampf” is the autobiographical book of Adolf Hitler. Now all the profits of this book go to charity. But sometimes it is very difficult for publishing house to find someone who could accept the charity and most people considered it as blood money.

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