Breast are the most attractive and also the most curvy body part of  a woman. its an assumption that every man who see a woman face then next thing he notice is breasts on their body. Some women’s breasts are not good at all. All women want big and right size breast. Many women use double pad bra to make the breast big. Every day 40 lakh new bras are made, so let’s know. Some unheard of words about the chest of …….


1. Some women can reach stimulus only with the help of breast.

2. There are 6% people  in the world who have three breasts.

3. 80% of women wear “Bra” of wrong size.

4. The scientists also do not know why the “Boobs” of Lifelong women remain whole life.

5. 70% of women are not happy with the size of their breast.

6. Most women have left breast (left boobs) larger than right breast.

7. There are eight types of chests in the world of inverse shape (Shape).

8. Your breasts can change after sleeping on the stomach.

9. Every three minutes in America, a woman dies from breast cancer.

10. Men also have chest because all embryos are female (female) at the beginning.

11. Girls also see their breast like this, like boys see.

12. 50% of the world’s women never do checkup for breast cancer.

13. The largest size is Bra “L” and the smallest size is bra “AAA”.

14. The release of “oxytocin” by releasing women’s breast will also be released on the same type of neck.

15. Women’s breast weigh approximately “499 gram”, which is 4 to 5 percent of the whole body “fat”.

16. There are also Educational degrees in  “Bra” Studies in China.

17. the women who smokes have larger sizes breasts.

18. Feeding of babies is Rescue from mother’s heart and cancer-like diseases. And after feeding 6 months continuously, the weight of the woman is also less.

19. The biggest breasts are of a woman named “Annie Hawkins”. Whose sizes are “48v”.

20. Man is a species whose breasts always grow permanently

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