Afghanistan is a land locked country, which is located in south Asia and central Asia. Afghanistan is a basically Islamic country and its law is based on Islamic rules. Its capital is Kabul, however prior to Kabul, its capital was Kandahar. The main source of income of Afghanistan’s people is agriculture but it’s also rich in natural resources like natural gas, oil and other minerals. Today we will explore more about Afghanistan and you will know some interesting fact about their people and life. So here is the list fallows:-

  1. Don’t get confused between Afghanis and Afghans

Well, Afghanis are the official currency of Afghanistan while the Afghans are the people of Afghanistan. Many time people think as Afghanis are the people of Afghanistan.

  1. Afganistaan has almost no railways

Afghanistan is quite large country but still has no rail network. People are needed to travel either by road or by air transport. Air transport is the safe mode to travel in Afghanistan but it’s quite costly and majority of population cannot afford this. So they travel by roads but road travel is dangerous as Islamic terrorist used to plants bombs and attack on road passengers.

3. Below than average medical facilities

Afghanistan is one of the countries where medical facilities are quite poor. There are very few good hospitals in whole Afghanistan and that’s too in only in big cities. People need to travel a lot to get medical assistance. While the people of Afghanistan often prefer travel to Pakistan to get good medical assistance. Even as per my information there was only one CT scan machine is the whole country.

4. High mortality rate of women and new born babies

Due to insufficient medical care and knowledge Afghanistan have high mortality rate of women and kids. Many times pregnant women have to travel many kilometers on their foot to reach hospitals. According to an estimate by UNICEF, 515000 women still dies each year as a result of pregnancy and child birth. Less number of hospital and high population, most of the hospital bed remains occupied; so many times patients are advised to bring their own bed in hospital. Even hospital does not have power backup option in emergency situations also. So it’s quite normal if you are in a hospital and see no power at all. Doctor used burn an oil lamp during the treatment.

5. The land of opium

Afghanistan is an Islamic country and officially it’s says a big no to use of any kind of alcohol or drug that effect consciousness. But in reality it’s a large producer of opium. According to an estimate more than 80% of the heroin that sold in Europe comes from Afghanistan.

6. Strong Islamic influences

As Afghanistan is an Islamic country and its 98% population is Muslim. There are strict rules on women as they cannot shake hands with a man. They cannot go out alone in night, and even they could not wear any exposing dress like skirts, fitted dresses, short dresses or sleeveless dresses.

7. KFC in Afghanistan

There are few KFC restaurants in Afghanistan , may be 3 or four, but funny fact is that people of Afghanistan understand KFC as Kabul Fried Chicken instead of its original name Kentucky Fried Chicken.

8. Lower literacy rate

There are only 28% of population which is educated over the age of 15 , rest 72% population is illetrate and even don’t have basic reading or writing skills.  And if we talk about girl’s literacy then majority of girls has still not seen the school premises. Various terrorist group imposed ban on girl education and consider is un-Islamic. Well, how cans one forgot the example of Malala Yosufzai, Noble prize winner.

9. Troubled newly born economy

Afghanistan falls under the category of world most corrupt countries. It is also one of the least developed nations of the world. Women situation and literacy is negligible. It is also a home of many terrorist organizations.

10. the language of afghanistaan

there are mainly two languages are spoken in Afghanistan. one is Pashto and second is Dari. Pashto is spoken by 35% of its population and rest 65 majorly speaks Dari.

Yet despite of above facts, people of Afghanistan are quite friendly and their food and parties are really great. Afghans are fond of poetry. The local people of Afghanistan are waiting for better change than following old stupid traditions but they are afraid of terrorist. There are many international agencies that are working toward the betterment of people of Afghanistan and it situation are changing fast. Hope we will see a new Afghanistan in few years.

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