‘Smoking is injurious to health’. Well, this is the very well known term by everyone that smoking can cause serious health problems to you. But still people use to smoke even after knowing the risk factors associated with it. Its very sad that people still got addicted to this bad habits. Not only the active smoking but also the passive smoking is actually more dangerous. So that literally means that even if you do not smoke, you are still at high risk due to smoking by your family members, friends and unknown strangers at your workplace of public place.

So, looking at the above factor many countries have banned smoking in various public place, office, bus stop, educational institutes and hospitals. Even many of the countries have banned the television commercial of cigarettes and tobacco products.

Most of the countries make it legally mandatory to print a health warning message over the packaging of cigarettes.  There are many countries which impose heavy fine of imprisonment over the smoking. So here the list of some top countries where you need to pay heavy fine of punishment on smoking.

  1. Albania

Although Albania has a ban over smoking in closely public area including bars, pubs and restaurants. If owner of such place allows a person to smoke than he is fined for 2200 Euros and the person who smokes need to pay a fine of 350 Euros.

  1. Argentina

Smoking is strictly prohibited in workplace, all public indoor areas, schools, hospitals, museum, libraries, theatres and public transport yet you are allowed to smoke in balconies and terraces. Here you need to pay a fine equal to 250 to 1,000,000 packets of most expensive cigarettes in market. Strange but true, I feel I need to sale my house for paying such heavy fines so, at least I won’t dare to smoke there.

  1. Bhutan

There is national prohibition upon the sale of tobacco and tobacco products from 2004.  a limited quantity of tobacco can be imported but you need to pay heavy taxes for it. In Bhutan smoking is banned in all public places from February 2005. This country has strict law regarding the use , import, sale and use of tobacco products , its almost completely banned. Anyone who is found guilty of using tobacco products can serve a prison of 3 to 5 year with no chance of bail.

  1. Malaysia

Malaysia has banned the smoking in most of public places. This include hospitals, airports, public lifts, toilets , public transport , educational institutes, petrol stations, internet cafes, shopping complex and private office spaces. Those who break the law can be fined up to RM 10,000 or equalent to US $3,333.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its strictest law regarding ban over smoking. It imposed heavy tax upon cigarette and also prohibits any form of tobacco advertising. Even restaurant and bars do not have authority to sell cigarettes. If someone found breaking the law then he needs to pay a fine of minimum 180,000 colons which is equaling to US $350.

  1. Germany

Germany do not have very strict law regarding smoking but it also discourage smoking. Its more than 40% population lives in states where smoking is banned in all restaurants, pubs, cafes and discos. While there 13 other states where smoking is permitted in one room smoking bars that have a space less than 75 Meter square.

  1. Hongkong

In Hongkong you need to pay a maximum fine of HK$ 5,000.smoking is also banned in must of public places. The daily smoking rate is very low. There are only 25% males who used to smoke.

  1. Israel

Here is restriction upon smoking in most of public places including restaurants, discos, pubs and bars. If someone found smoking in these places than the owner of such places need to pay a fine around US$ 1400.

  1. Kuwait

Kuwait also bans smoking in all public place but exempting shish parlors. If anyone found smoking in restaurants or malls then owners of such property need to pay a fine 5000 KD.

  1. Northern Ireland

Here smoking is banned in all public places including offices, bars and public buildings. Here you will be charged on the spot fine of 70 to 100 Euros while if a business allows smoking then they will be changed a fined in between 3700 Euros to 5000 Euros.

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