Bermuda triangle is one of the greatest mysteries of modern world.  It has witnessed many aircraft and sea accidents. Many ships and aircraft got disappeared as they enter in to its range. Many passenger and crew member who are travelling on theses ships and aircraft are also lost their life. And most of the time aircraft and ship got disappeared means there are never found again neither even any broken part of ships and aircrafts. Many people also associated it with time travel, UFOs, wormholes and many times related its with aliens zone. Even one of the satellite view it has been seen that under the sea many UFO are landing and even sometime it looks like there is pyramid made of crystal in the deep sea. But nobody still the date has found that what is its exact story behind it. so today I am going to tell you about 7 shocking fact about Bermuda triangle.

  1. Whenever a ship or any plane disappears in this triangle, its debris cannot be found. The given reason behind this is that Gulf Stream runs near triangle.
  2. More than 100 lives are said to be lost within last 100 year . if we calculate an average than we can say than at least 4 aircraft and 20 yachts go missing every year due to this mysterious triangle.
  3. The first person who report first time about Bermuda triangle was Christopher Columbus. He wrote in his journal that his ship’s compass stopped working in triangle range and he also said that he have seen a fireball in the sky.
  4. According to Islamic view , the Bermuda triangle are iblis’s empires. And jinns who fallow iblis live here. And that was the given reasons why planes and ships go down without any trace.
  5. The three points of Bermuda triangle are Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda itself. It covers an area of 444,000 miles in sea. The most horrible fact about Bermuda triangle is that its exact range is still not known.
  6. Some people believe that the lost city of Atlantis is underneath the Bermuda triangle. And it is said that its city’s crystal energy that interferes with radar and compass readings.
  7. Bermuda triangle is one of the rare places where the compass does not point towards magnetic north. But it points towards true north which led to confusions and that might be reasons so many accidents at this place.


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