Today we are going to talk about a country whose name we all have heard, but we know very little that these countries have said that this country is the specialty of this country. We are going to talk about Iceland. Iceland is actually a nation of the Nordic Islands, which will be only slightly larger than the state of Bihar. Due to its distinct traditions, perceptions and authentic wealth, this country is wonderful from all the other countries of the world. So do you know what is amazing in this country


This country has 130 dead volcanoes and estimates of 30 active volcanoes. On average, there is a volcanic eruption every four years.
Iceland’s language is 1000 years old and in today’s Iceland, people use this language for colloquial and written behavior, which means that these people can easily read 1000-year old texts here.
Iceland I am less than the crime rate zero or can say that there is no crime. It has not been recorded till date that any dangerous violence or horrific criminal activity has been recorded. Even the police personnel of this place, without any arms or guns, patrols. Another special thing is that there is no deployment of any police personnel or security personnel in Iceland’s banks, but their deployment on liquor shops can be seen many times.
Iceland I have a total of 200 waterfalls, which together make the beauty of Iceland and the four moons. That is why Iceland is called the Country of Waterfalls. It seems to be the name of Iceland that this country would be very alive with snow, but the truth is On the contrary, there is a lot of snowfall and most of the weather is still pleasant. The maximum temperature of the year is recorded at 29 degrees
The people of Iceland usually give the ropper their escape to the open sky, take the edge for a tilt or sleep. You can easily see the scorching cold in the night, I can also escape the open sky under the sky. They will occasionally leave their child outside the cafe, where they can see it through the window. In this way the child will not wake up from the café stir and stir – and fresh air will do a good job
Nudity is very common in Iceland. The Icelandic people shower me, the swimming pool or the sea, I also take the bath in fullness naked. They have the logic to do so that if the body is clothed then how will the body be cleaned completely
There are no surnames of the Iceland people on traditional tones, which means they have only a result of not being abusive or otherwise. Most people use the name of their mother or father’s nickname and after marriage, women use the same surname
Iceland is a very strict law for me to name it. The Iceland government reserves all rights in its possession, or can it be given to a person. All the residents of it must take permission from the Icelandic nominee committee before the name of their children.
Iceland I am neither a tree nor a forest but yet the weather is green and it is also pleasant
The people of Iceland still believe in hypothetical bonuses, and the tales of their presence can hear you enough of Iceland although no scientific confirmation of their existence has been confirmed but you will experience the presence of people repeatedly and you will be able to realize their presence.

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