Osama bin laden was another name of terror just before a two decade ago. We all know he was founder of al-Qaeda, the organization who is responsible for many terrorist activities including 9/11 attacks at America and other mass causality attack at various other locations worldwide. FBI has placed a $25 million prize on him in his search. But today we are not here to discuss about his terror activities.

Today we are going to reveal some fact about him as an individual. So check out the following facts about his life which might surprise you.


  1. Billionaire family :-

Osama bin laden was born to billionaire family in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). He has roughly 26 or 27 children. He does total ten marriages in his lifetime. While his father does 22 marriages and having 77 children. Bin laden was 17 of them.


  1. A family person:-

Osama bin laden was described as a soft spoken and well mannered person. Despite being involving in terrorism and cruel activities he was described as a good but strict father who like to spend good time with his family and often go to picnic with his whole family.



  1. Laden loves Whitney Houston :-

Osama bin laden loves Whitney Houston and although he hates music and describe music as an flute of evil. But he was a wish to go to America so that he could have a meeting with her.


  1. Growing marijuana :-

He also involved in growing marijuana which is narcotic drug. When he dies  it was estimated that his compound garden  have one million dollar worth plants  which also include some other daily need vegetables like potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables.


  1. Fan of sports

He was very fan of sports. He was also believed to be very good volleyball player. He attended many matches of English football club arsenal as he was living in London till early nineties.


  1. A degree course in Civil Engineering

He studies economics and business administration from King Abdul-Aziz University. It’s also assumed that he also complete a degree course in civil engineering in 1979 and a may be also a degree in public administration. Despite being involving himself in to various terrorist activities he maintained his status as a business professional and make himself busy in looking after his billion dollar worth construction projects  in various gulf countries.

  1. A Cowboy

He wants to be a cowboy. He was having great interest in houses and also have a stable of twenty horses. He also use to drink a lot of Pepsi and coke.

  1. Fond of porn movies

Uhh laa la, he was very fond of porn movies. a lot of porn movies are recovered from his hard drives. Despite being the fact he was very much interest in Islam as he was raised as devout Sunni Muslim and pornography is against the rule of Islam. But men will be men.

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