A web developer is a perfect programmer who is specifically engaged in or specializes in, the development of a disturbed network application or World Wide Web applications. These applications are run over HTTP language on a web server to the web browser.

What Web Developers Do

These web developer mainly used to present your customer services and products to the vast audience. These developers normally display these products to an audience by developing or creating functional or an attractive website. In fact, a client needs to involve an interactive capability on their websites by using Java or Visual Basic programming languages.


Web developers typically do the following:

  • The role of the web developer is responsible for coding, modifying and designing websites.
  • Well, according to the client’s specifications, the web developers mainly used the websites from a layout to function.
  • They can create mostly a visually appealing site.
  • The web developer simply develops the features of these sites are user-friendly and also clear navigating.

The following are types of web developers:

Front end web developers are called as a client side development. These developers do the practice of simply producing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for a Web application or a website. Due to this, a user can easily view and interact with them directly.

Back-end developers are the developers to make the application, server and database communicate with each other. Well, they use a server-side language such as  Ruby, .Net, PHP, Python and Java. To make an application. They use the tools such as Oracle, SQL and MySQL server to save, change data, find or serve it back to the client in front end code.

iOS and Android developers are the developers mainly use to create apps through Xcode IDE with the help of iOS SDK. Xcode is simply supporting the multiple programming languages but one of the new developers choose mainly a Swift. The Swift is one of the programming languages which is used to create particularly by Apple for OS X and iOS.

Work Environment

A web developer should work on offices.

They work on computer systems to design and also on the related services in the industry.

How to Become web developers

To become a web developer, a person must have an Indian Citizen. The person doesn’t need to get a good qualification but their communication skill matters a lot. If you have done a bachelor degree in mass communication then you are also eligible for this job profile.

Education and Training

Education qualification

To become a web developer one has to do a bachelor degree in computer science or mass communication. Just a person need to have good communication skills in English or Hindi. They need to have the quality to interact with the person easily for the development of the company.

Age limit

Lower age limit is 21 years and the upper age limit is not specify.

Important Qualities

Concentration skills- A person needs to have this quality of concentration. This skill is so urgent for the web developer. As the person needs to have this quality mandatory for this job profile. This quality is used for the development of the company or an organization.

Problem-solving skills- A person who wants to become a web developer need to have this quality. This quality is so urgent because in this profession a person needs to handle many situations. So, he or she need to have this skill and get a perfect solution.

Communication skills- A person needs to have a good communication skill because it is so much mandatory. For the job of a web developer, a person needs to speak a language English, Hindi in a perfect way. It doesn’t mean he or she need to be more qualified but the communication skill is so important.

Decision-making skills- A web developer need to have this skill because this is so important. A decision making is one of the perfect quality because in this profession needs to be more intelligent. He or she has an art to solve any situation in a minute and take a good decision related any situation.

Multitasking skills- A person needs to be all rounder. In this field of web developing, a person needs to do every work which is used in professional life. As this is so important for the development of an organization. This skill is essential for the person to rise in their own life and get success.


An average salary of the web developer of Rs 259,155 per year.

Job prospects

Well, an employment of web developers is planned from 27% from 2014-24, much quicker than average for all the profession. The demand will be run with the increasing reputation of mobile e-commerce and devices.



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