Voice over artist

Have ever you noticed that when you watch and TV commercial or any other commercial, a voice is being played in the background. Whose voice is this? Many times when you hear radio or tv commercial, watch a documentary film or either enjoy a show on national geographic than you hear the voice who is describing you all the things. These are the voice of voice over artists. Infact1r the voice you hear over railway station, the Delhi metro station and airport are the voice of voice over artist. Their voice is also uses in audio books, playing warning messages and making any kind of information to a large number of peoples.

What a voice over artist do

A voice over artist narrates documentaries, corporate video, safety video to cell phone, screenplay voice of tv or film artists, tv serial intro a recap, radio commercial and many other places where someone just needs a clear voice with a sound speaking pitch. A voice artist needs to convert a written text into audio. Their major task is the just reading the text in a informative, interesting or warning style so that they can get attention of all the listeners.

Duties of  voice over artist

  • Different voice and speaking style is the main thing for which a voice over artist is being hired. So it becomes a duty of voice over artist to maintain clarity of his voice. For this he needs to do proper voice e practice and also avoid junk food in order to have a clear voice always.
  • As junk food and sour food item can spoil your voice texture and style so you should avoid the food Taft can harm your voice.
  • You should have a good communication skill so that you can easily communicate your message to listeners.
  • It’s a duty of voice over artist to have a good vocabulary. Many times a voice over artist get a just description of their task and they need to create a script of their own. So in that situation, it’s important that one should have a good vocabulary.

Work environment

Most of the time a voice over artist’s work as freelancer, so their work schedule is unpredictable. They need to work in a sound proof studio. Their major task is to read the script they are provided with the style and pause they are defined. They work closely, according to the instruction and format provided to them, however they can give their own suggestion too if they found any need of improvement. They may revise their voice till the producer or director is not satisfied with the quality of speech.

How to become a voice over artist

There is no specific or mandatory requirement of any academic qualifications for becoming a voice over artist as this profession is based upon the personal skill and talent. Talent and skill always require an updating so that a voice over artist can get better command over the pitch.

A voice over artist  should develop a strong character through his voice so that he can convey the message in a required style as described by director or producer.

Join a training program

As we know that there is not any specific degree or academic qualification of a voice over artist, but there are many institutions who are offering you a training program in voice modulation and different voice technique that can be used to make your speech more interesting and attractive. Here you would learn the different techniques used by top voice over artist in the industry. You will also teach us how you get more work for you, and can earn more.


A voice over arts it has got according to per project or per recording. He works as a freelancer. An average estimated earning of a voice over artist is between Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 per month.

Skill required

A voice over artist should have the following skill in himself in order to become successful.

  • He should have the skill to properly synchronize his lip movement, voice pitch, tone and should know as where to maintain silence.
  • Voice is the main thing so a voice over artist should have a good voice.
  • He should have the skill the communicate emotion through his voice and pitch. So, that listener can find message more specific.
  • He should know they reflect the pace, volume, energy and articulate in his speech.


Career prospects

A voice over arts it is good money making profession with less effort. Your most of the efforts are dedicated to get regular work and earn more . However, there is quite less need of practicing voice for speech. In the voice over artist profile profession you will be  get paid fro each show or each hour you speak or your voice  is on air. So it’s a highly rewarded profession. And if we talk about the demand of voice over artsit than you can see that lots of advertisement and lot of tv show, unlimited documentaries measn more voice over artsits.





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