Video Jockey

A video jockey is a person who plays and introduces videos and music on television such as MTV and VH1. Well, Video jockey (VJs) always keeps updated with the newest trends in the music. In fact, they get up to date with the latest information and videos about music celebrities or other stars. These video jockey people are specialized in a specific genre of music or region.

What Video Jockey Do

A video jockey is a telecaster who simply introduces videos music and also lives performances on commercial music television. They can narrate over a film which is based on their own commentary. Well, for this profile a person need not require a technical qualification. A person who has capability of voice modulation, excellent communication skills, camera friendliness, great sense of humour and music can simply try is his/her luck in this same field.


Video Jockey typically do the following:

  • Its job is to hosts the show to talk with an audience on radio.
  • Video jockey is an artist whose communication is good enough to increase the popularity of the channel.
  • They need to make the channel more interesting.
  • They always stay ready to make an infinite number of the channel followers.
  • As a video jockey, these persons work in an office.
  • They make so many funny as well as interesting videos which the public likes the more.
  • These video jockey persons have an objective to provide videos at social websites.

Work Environment

Video jockey persons normally work in an office. As they sometimes go to the fantastic place to shot their videos.

They always try to make the audience comfortable and help them in solving their life problem. These video jockey people always works in a place where they can link with the audience.

The team of video jockey persons is also so much helpful. They work with full energy and gave chance to the audience to talk with them.

This is one of the best profile where a person can explore their skills and knowledge. In this audience also get a chance to talk with these video jockey persons live through a video.

How to Become a Video Jockey

To become a video jockey, a person must have to be an Indian Citizen. A person needs to have a proper knowledge regarding video making. The main work of video jockey is to host video shows on VH1 and MTV. There is no such education needed to get this profile.

This profession is for the person who has an interest in clicking the images as well as videos.

Education and Training

Education qualification

For becoming a video jockey, a person doesn’t need to have any type of particular education. Well, you need to have good command over Hindi, English to speak on television.

There is no compulsion to say on an accent. Just a person needs to talk a lot after that he or she can become a video jockey.

Candidates who have done mass communications, performing arts and journalism are likely to entertain a head start.

A person who has done voice training can also be eligible for the job of video jockey.

Age Limit

There is no fix age limit but a person can start this job from the age of 21 years.

Important Qualities

Multitasking skills- A person who wants to become a video jockey can have a skill of multi-tasking. This is one of the best skills because a person needs to have an all rounder. This skill is beneficial for the office use or the development of an organization.

Problem-solving skills- A person needs to easily solve the problem so that he or she should be eligible to become a video jockey. To become this person has to solve a decision fast without any disturbance. This skill is mandatory and helpful for the growth of an association.

Communication skills- The person who wants to become a video jockey can have a good communication skill. He or she needs to have a good command of English or Hindi as well. This skill is so urgent to get this job because you need to communicate with the audience too.

Decision-making skills- this is one of the best skill which the individual should have to get this job. A person has a good decision-making skill because in job time he or she needs to handle so many situations. So, with this way you can give so much to their organization where you have worked.

Concentration skills- Well, this is one of the great skills a person needs to have. With this skill, you can do your work with full efforts and dedication. This is one of the mandatory skills, for the development of an organization.


As a video jockey, you need to earn around Rs 18,000 to 200,000 per show. The yearly salary they can earn approximately Rs 8 lakh.

Job prospects

A video jockey can make music more interactive with their skills and knowledge. Their main goal is to get more popularity and make their channel a no. 1 always.

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