What can a typist do?

A typist is a person who can type different documents with the help of his typing speed. A person must type very quickly with high accuracy speed. We can also call a typist a professional person whose goal is to complete tasks in the required time period. A typist is a person who creates a both soft and hard copy of documents on provided requirements of a client. The workload of a typist is very less and one has to only maintain the spreadsheets, maintain proper filling etc. A typist has to do all kind to typing like from visual typing, audio typing as well as shorthand typing.


  • Must type all kind of materials using typewriter or computer and word processing software.
  • The typing skills are used to produce a duplicate data to reproduce a copy data.
  • Read and follow proper instructions and determine the total number of copies needed and other such requirements.
  • Type all the data from paper formats to digital forms.
  • Take regular notes by meeting with a client and manager of a company.
  • Must keep all information confidential with security policies.

Work environment

The typist can work in various environments like one can be employ of a company or offices. The whole environment is away from noise, stress, comfort, and working in flexible working hours. The typist can also take a work of a freelancing.

Pros and cons

  • One has to work in flexible work hours but for long hours to complete the deadlines on time.
  • The person can’t work in a noisy environment and must found a peaceful place such like a home.
  • One can also earn extra money during his or study but have to arrange time schedules to complete the tasks.


How to become a typist?

To become a typist, one needs not any formal qualifications and only need a good typing speed. A learner can concern from any nearest education center for training details. To become a certified typist, one must know how to type, learn word process software and always keep on the learning platform. The skills required to become a typist are:

  • Maintain a proper speed so that the work can be done before deadlines.
  • Must contain excellent reading and listening skills.
  • Have the ability to write any kind of material.
  • Can work on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Must completed high school diploma or any kind of computer training.


The salary is estimated on the bonuses, wages and also paid on the mentioned hours. The overall salary of a fresher typist is from 19k-21k  and experienced can earn up to 27k to 30 k. some typists who are working in this profession more than 2 to 5 years can achieve benefits in medical treatment such as dental insurance. The position for this job requirement is more covered with the females.

Job prospects

The job opportunities in this profession have a negative record since 2004 and the numbers of vacancies are on the decreasing number with 39%. It is assumed that the demand of typists is expected to grow up with the number of 32000 incoming 2008.

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