System analyst is a technical job profile in which a person analysis plus design techniques. The objective of an analyst is to solving business problems by using an information technology. Well, this analyst may serve you a change agents who recognize an association improvements needed. They can also design devices to execute those changes and motivate and train others to use the systems.

What Systems Analyst Do

The system analyst is a profession in the field of information technology. As computer system analyst mainly work to solve problems regarding the computer technology.  Most of the analysts can set up latest computer systems, both the software and hardware. This analyst can simply add recent software applications to rise computer productivity.


Systems Analyst typically do the following:

  • These systems analyst can define application issue by conferring with the clients.
  • They can also evaluate the processes and procedures.
  • Systems analyst can create the solution by evaluating and preparing substitute workflow situations.
  • This analyst can control solution by building specifications.
  • The system analyst can organize production with the programmers.
  • Well, they carry information and Business technology together by appreciative the limitations and needs of both.
  • These analysts use technology tools, architecture or software application.
  • They can take data and use it to help companies and also make better business decisions.

The following are types of System analyst:

Management analyst is an analyst which is mainly called management consultants. Well, their purpose is to improve an association’s efficiency. They also advice the managers to make organization more worthy through increase in revenues and decrease in expenses.

Budget analyst is a job profile in which a person analyses and an association domain and the documents of its systems or processes. They simply assess the model of  business and its integration with the technology.

Computer system analyst study the current organization computer system and design and procedures of information system solutions. With this they can help an association to operate more effectively and efficiently. Well, they bring business as well as information technology (IT) together by appreciative the limitations and needs of both.

Work Environment

A systems analyst mainly work on an office means a full time job. They work comfortably in laboratories and an offices.

Most of the systems analyst work as a telecommunicate or on a work remotely. Mostly they work 40 hours weeks during continuous business hours.  But many times they need to work at nights or on weekends to meet the deadlines.

Usually, system analysts experience an eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain from working in front of computer system all day.

How to Become a System Analyst

To become a system analyst one has to be an Indian citizen. A person need to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Most of the programs are organized for the persons to work as an system analyst who have done their bachelor’s degree program in computer information systems.

A system analyst need to have some skills such as an inspired approach of problem solving and also have an excellent presentation and communication skills and an ability to interpret and gather information. They also must have best negotiating skills, a broad understanding of hardware, programming and software and a skill to describe technical ideas noticeably.

Education and Training

Educational qualification

To become a system analyst, a person must have to complete a bachelor’s degree in the technical field. They can do bachelor degree such as management information systems, information technology (IT), computer or engineering science.

Age Limit

Lower age limit 21 years and an upper age limit is 27 years.

Important Qualities

Quick learner skills- This is one of the excellent quality which needs to be required in a system analyst. A person should be very intelligent because an analyst have so many responsibilities.

Decision-making skills- A system analyst needs to be a decision maker. In this profession, a person has to take so many decisions for the company’s growth.

Problem-solving skills- A person who wants to make their career as a system analyst then it is mandatory to have this skill.  An analyst must have quality to solve any difficult problem also get some perfect solution.

Communication skills- System analyst need to have good communication skill which is so mandatory. A person needs to talk in a professional way because they have to go in a seminar or meetings for the business purpose.

Multitasking skills- he/she must be all rounder means have knowledge related to their organisation. This skill is mandatory for the person who wants to become an analyst.

Concentration skills- A system analyst needs to have strong concentration skills. This skill is important to help for the company’s growth.


The average salary for a job profile of System Analyst is Rs. 822,000.

Job prospects

Well, an employment of system analyst is planned to rise 21% from2014-24 is much quicker than an average for all the profession. Growth is mainly in cyber security, mobile networks and cloud computing will rise demand for these employees.

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