What can a soldier do?

A soldier is a trained army professional who serves and protect the country from the enemies by becoming a backbone of a military. A person as a soldier has to always remain alert all the time and have to work with different weapons. He must have to carry the deep knowledge of defence tactics while working as a team member. A soldier has also to maintain all the equipment that is used for the purpose of the military.


  • Must treat all other people with full respect.
  • Perform loyalty and perform all the efforts to fulfil the assigned mission.
  • Play more significant task to secure the borders of the nation.
  • Always remain in an active position.
  • Keep their mind and body physically and mentally fit.
  • Must wear uniform and keep all the equipment of high standard level.

Work Environment

The working environment of a soldier completely depends upon the job type as it is found to be quite stressful, especially during the times of deployment. An army person has to work in some kind of military field and have to spend much of time with training exercises. The training for the military jobs is basically performed by the specialists. Apart from the location, the working hours are such like an irregular type. When someone is not working on any kind of operation or exercises, the fixed timing is like 8 to 5 PM. Depends upon the job, a worker has to also remain far away from their families for a longer period of time and also have to face various dangerous conditions.

Pros & Cons

  • Always being in an alert position and away from the families for a longer period of time.
  • Challenging career and also gets serious injuries and have to fight until the enemy get killed.
  • One can’t break the contract if someone found that this career is not the right option for you.
  • It is a good opportunity for the ambitious person to achieve the next higher positions reflecting on this profession.



How to become a soldier?

If someone wants to become a soldier in an Indian army then start preparing himself from the age of 16.  Before joining the career in the army, one must know the residency requirements. One must be strongly fit and must pass out the army medical examination.  Probably, one does not need any fixed qualification and some specific skills to join an army, but the mandatory option is that one must have the right age to continue with this profession. There are some useful steps to become a soldier.

  • The first step to joining this profession is to join the rallies or contact with the nearest Branch/Zone recruiting office and get to know about the recent announcements and take your educational certificate, birth certificate an original also, character certificate as well as six passport size photographs along with you.
  • A specific soldier has to perform various physical fitness tests and must have to achieve more than 100 marks in all such as in running, pull ups and balance as well.
  • After clearing all the physical tests, one can move forward with the written test such as CEE which consists of two papers. In the first set, one has to solve out all the I/Q numerical, current affairs, as well as latest general knowledge concepts and in the second set, it consists of Sol tech questions related to physics, chemistry and maths, Sol CIK/SKT which compromises all maths and English questions and finally the Sol nursing assistant which compromises topics of Chemistry, Botany, and Biology.

Note: The total time duration is about 30 minutes and each question paper set consists of 50 questions in which we have to clear 16 questions.

  • Finally the medical examination will be held and the selection will be done on the merit basis.


At the initial stage, the overall pay is given to a soldier is 4k to 7k which totally depends upon the category to which he belongs.  Along with the pay, one can also enjoy various benefits such as free ration, clothing, an accommodation and medical services and canteen facilities. A specific soldier earns a pay more than the level of experience.

Job Prospects

The job opportunities for a soldier are widely varied depending upon the branch as well as expertise. So, it is assumed that the career scope of a military soldier is good so one can make a long career in this field.  There are various options in this field, from becoming a soldier and go up to the position of an officer. All the individuals serving in this career can enjoy full retirement benefits. There are numerous NCO/JCO posts that have been created to enhance the career prospects and various military benefits for the coming generation.



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