Whenever  you watched a movie or any television show than you must have seen a lot of things in the scene. Like if the scene is being shot as indoor than you must see furniture, kitchen, utensil or any other similar thing which makes you a real feel that actor or actress are located at the particular place. When you see a scene of market, fair, a marriage or anything that you watched over the screen, their background is designed by set designers.

Set design is also named as scenic design, which mean to design and create the sets used in work of performance art, films, television, theater or screen play.It includes deigning set background, lighting, props and other items that helps in creating the scenery for films and television shows. A set design reflects the era and situation of the story so it need top designed carefully . on  should go carefully through the story and create a relevant set according to story, character and time.

What does set designer do

A set designer is the person responsible for designing  and creating the sets that appear in films, on television programs as well as in the theatre. His task is working and communicating  and coordinate with directors, producers, costume designers and other members of staff. He listens carefully each person and their requirement and designs set according to their requirement.

He hears everyone, but  uses his own creativity and skill to design the set. He makes a rough drawing of the show set and its appearance and show the drawing to the director for approval. As his drawing are approved by director and producer. Then he makes a plan to design the set within the  time limit. He has a whole team of carpenter, mechanics, painter and other professional who can work according to instructions provided.

Duties of  a set designer

A set designer has to perform various duties. So,e of these are followings:-

  • He needs to coordinate with director, producer and other member of the team. He needs to listen their requirements and tell them as what can be done and how can be done.
  • He makes a brief of designing before making the rough layout or drawing of the set.
  • He draws sketches of the whole plan and set the budget offered to him.
  • He should start his work after the approval of the director and if the director did not find its suitable than he can say him to design another.

Work environment

The work environment of set designer is quite hectic. As you need to do a lot of things together. You will have to design the floor, roof, surrounding and all the area that can come in eye of the camera should need to be designed according to the story and characters.a set designer work environment is quite tiring yet exciting too. He may ask to revise his designs many times and yet he needs to complete the task before the end of the time limit provided. He need to works closely with the director and producer and an don the other hand also needs to coordinate with other technical workers like carpenter, mechanic, electrician and painter as they will transform the idea into reality of a beautiful set. You may require to work late hour also.

How To Become A  Set Designer

The essential skills for becoming a set designer is your creativity. Yet you need to learn about some basic calculation and other skills in order to achieve proficiency in set designing.

Get a degree in fine art

For becoming a set designer, you need to get well versed in artist skills and measurement. So a bechlar degree in fine art will provide you enough in depth knowledge about the deep aspect oof designing. There are various universities in India, who is offering a bachelor and master degree program in fine art.

Another thing that will be counted as privileged benefit is interior designing. If you have knowledge about interior designing or have done any course in interior designing then it will definitely help you in designing better sets.


A set designer works as a freelancer. He earns varies according to each project. Yet an average earning of a set designer is from Rs 40,000 to Rs 2,00,000 per month. The variation in earning is due to a number of project and expertise in skills.

Skill Required

A set designer must have the following skills in himself.

  • A set designer must have a good sense of creativity and imagination. He should have power to define the art and its various concepts.
  • He should have good communication skill as he need to coordinate and communicate with different people. One time he needs to communicate with the director and producer and second time they need to coordinate with his team of creative workers.
  • He should be punctual so as to complete his projects within the time limit.
  • He should be good in the budget and bookkeeping in order to maintain the record of each and every item and total amount spend for each item.
  • He should know the use of computers in order to get more ideas about designing and space management.


Career prospects

The entertainment industry is growing day by day so as the demand of good set designers is also growing. Every year hundred of new films is being released and many new serials are begun. Everyone needs a set designer for themselves  and no doubt that film and television industry is a highest paying industry of today.

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