Probationary Officer

The job of a probationary officer is the most lucrative career. It’s a white collar job offered by banks. Every year lacs of candidates appears in exams of probationary officer. The job of probationary officer comes with a high career growth and bright future prospects.

First of all, you need to understand that probationary officer is the entry level job option which bank officer starts his work. Usually, a probationary officer needs to complete 2 years of probation period and then he is eligible to get the post of assistant manager on joining a branch. The working area of the job will include normal banking and a banking administration. Yet it’s an expected that a bank PO should have a good communication skill. He should solve the conflict in a cool and a calm manner.

A bank PO can be asked to do anything till the completion of his probation period. He is assigned various responsibilities so that he can understand how a bank works in routine. All the tasks assigned to him are directed by Sr. manager. In his training period, he gets training of accounting, marketing, finance, and billing.

After completion of probationary period, a bank PO joins as assistant manager. At starting phase he may be posted in a branch where he /she shall require to handle the daily customer operations.

Duties of Probationary Officer

Before completion of two years of the probation period, a probationary officer is asked to perform any type of duty related to bank routine work. He can be asked to handle the job role f clerk or he may be asked to handle the cash counter,

  • During the probation period, PO is trained for having the practical knowledge in finance, accounting, marketing, and billing. This makes him experience about working at a bank.
  • A probationary office has to work upon towards increasing the business of the bank.
  • A probationary officer also needs to work a like public relation officer, where he is directed to listen to the problem of customers and provide them solutions.
  • He is required to get familiar with working style of the bank and understand all the task performs by a various person at the bank.
  • A bank PO can issue the ATM card and cheque books.
  • He is should carefully revise the loan related document and also required to visit the site of loan taking parties as and when required.

Work Environment

The working environment of a probationary officer is quite dangerous and stressful. He may have work with offenders, where he can face a violent situation and risk to officers. They may need to appear in magistrate court in the case of legal suite against any bank defaulters.

It’s a part of his responsibility to handle every matter with proper care as every activity in the bank is related to the monetary issue. So, a little mistake can prove disastrous to you.  The probationary officer should verify each and every document with its evidence. Whether it’s about opening an account or approving a loan to anyone, a bank probationary officer should always work with proper care and attention. He should understand the fact that everything in a bank is the property of the government of India and he should never misuse any of bank property or asset.

Sometimes the situations can be quite stressful in a bank, but you need to handle it with peace and calm. As being an officer of the bank, you should work in favor of the bank, its customer and its employees.

How To Become A Probationary Officer

For becoming probationary officer in the bank, every candidate is required to clear the exam and interview conducted at various centers in India.

Age requirement

Candidate age should not be below 21 years and not above 30 years.

Educational qualification

Candidates should possess graduation in any discipline from a recognized university. Or any equivalent qualification recognized by the central government.


For applying for the post of PO, examination they must be citizens of India.


A bank PO salary in public bank and the private bank is almost same. The initial salary of bank PO is 23,700 as from 1st June 2015 onwards.

However, there are many allowances that are paid to a PO. These are dearness allowance, special allowance, house rent allowance and city compensatory allowance. So with above statistics, the total salary of probationary office will be around 37145 per month.

Job Prospectus

The career growth prospect of a bank PO is very high as compare to other government jobs. If you have the skill and you are committed to giving performance than you can get quick growth in this profession. The only thing you required to have a strong determination and focused mind so that you can clear the exam of PO. And after exam, you need to clear the interview. Many individuals desire to become a bank PO because this job has higher growth prospects.

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