What a Radio Jockey Do?

Radio Jockey is a person who entertains the listeners by playing music, chat with the listeners, delivering news and conveying messages in a most attractive way. Their work also involves entertaining through interviews of guests such as; musicians, artists and well-known personalities. Radio Jockey play songs on listeners request and provide information on weather, politics and traffic. Every radio jockey must have unique style of communicating with listeners to make an impression in listener’s heart.

Duties: The performance of radio jockey makes the radio station popular. They are responsible for bringing in the listeners to the radio station. Their job role involves communicating with the listeners in a sophisticated way. The job requires lots of hard work and presence of mind. They need to have a good sense of humor, the creativity of mind, spontaneity and intensive knowledge of music. Their various duties are:

  • Entertain the listeners by broadcasting music according to audience taste.
  • Convey message in a most effective way.
  • They should be friendly, dynamic and they must possess good communication skills because they have to interact with the listeners.
  • Flexible in the choice of music such as rap, soft rock, rock and roll etc.
  • Instead of playing music, they also have to comments on the news on politics, sports, and pop cultures.
  • Give information on weather and traffic to their listeners.
  • Interviewing the guests such as; cricketers, musicians and artists.
  • Manages contests all with a view to entertain radio listeners.
  • Must have the tact to make the show work.
  • They must have the capability to handle the calls and answer in a tricky way of awkward questions from the listeners.
  • Require good voice and must be able to modulate voice according to the occasions.
  • They should have accurate pronunciation, fluency in the language they are using.
  • Capable of playing diplomatically as they have to interact with people of different nature.
  • Plan daily program schedule and Update the radio station website with the content on upcoming shows.
  • Promotion of radio station on social media sites.
  • They must have innovative ideas to grab the attention of an audience.

Work Environment:

Radio Jockey works with the leading FM stations. The radio station may be private and stations owned by a government. They can also work for the audio magazines and documentaries. They can also work on the Television show as an anchor. Their work environment totally depends upon for whom they are working. While working in radio stations, they communicate with artists, musicians and other personalities.

Work Schedule:

Their working time does not have any boundaries. They have to work in flexible shifts. The initial stage of career they have to work in early morning and late night shifts. Working schedule depends upon the experience and type of voice standard of the person. Having good experience, you can host shows on radio in the morning time. And if you have a voice of storyteller you have to work in night time shows.


The salary ranges from Rs 8,000- Rs 20,000 in the initial stage of your career. Initial salary also depends upon the skills of an individual, knowledge of music, sense of humor. After gaining some experience, the salary can be raised up to Rs 50,000 – Rs 90,000. The salary increases with the experience as well as the popularity of their shows. If you have that trick to become popular, then there is no limit.

How to Become a Radio Jockey:

High school degree is the minimum education requirement to become a radio jockey. Bachelor’s degree in media, journalism, media and mass communication have more preference for this job. They can go for further courses as; Diploma in radio jockeying, Programming and Management. Diploma in radios station operations and management are needed. A person must be certified in Announcing, Broadcasting, Comparing and Dubbing techniques.

Skills and Personal Qualities:   

Good Communication Skills: These skills must be needed as the radio jockey needs to conduct an interview of guests such as; artists, musician and also chat with the listeners.

Diplomatic: They need to have diplomatic character as they have to communicate with the persons with different nature. They have to answer all kind of awkward questions of their listener in more polite way.

Current Affairs: As their work is not only to play music but they also talk about the weather, politics and on sensation personalities, they need to be up to date on current affairs.

Appealing Voice: Their pronunciation should be clear and must have the appealing voice to make an impression on listeners.


Job Prospects:

There is lots of job opportunity in this field where you can show off your skills. You can work with private as well as the public radio station. One can work with leading FM radio stations. After gaining some experience, you can get the job in All India Radio. You can also work for the audio magazines and documentaries. They can also work as an anchor for Television shows. Radio Jockey can earn double after some years of experience.


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