What Freelance Writers Do

Freelance writer is a person who works as a writer and selling services by the day hour job in place of working on a usual salary. These writers are a person who works on a self-employed basis. Well, they can write for various publications at a time. The more experienced writer can be the more expected one. They are to be available and paid for their work.

A freelance writer writes an article or short stories for blogs and websites. Well, an internet is a great way which provides useful information to the writers. Also for their creative work, enabling them to progress and learn in their skill stage as they grow upwards in their writing career. These writers are not essentially committed to a specific employer for the longer term period.


Freelance writers typically do the following:

  • Meeting with clients to discuss their ghost writing needs.
  • Marketing your services.
  • Other possible duties involved photography, transcription, and editing.
  • Pitching article/story ideas to the editors of print and online media.
  • Writing.
  • Continuously learning through asking for feedback, attending specialized courses or teaming up with a mentor.
  • Resisting your work and making edits/improvements before submitting.
  • Exploring background for a piece you are writing.
  • Organizing your work schedule.
  • Engages in writing separately for any publishing books or for houses.
  • Writing independently for the newspapers, non-profit organizations, magazines, and book publishers.
  • Writers have a freedom to choose their own timing for work schedule.
  • The job involves in indexing, journal publishing, proofreading and graphic designing.
  • Engages in web writing and several electronic communications on the internet.

A freelance writer writes an article for the magazines or many other social media websites. They write content through web searching. As the articles are related to technology, lifestyles, adventures and so on. The proficiency of the writers is excellent and also their language of writing matters so much.

There are three discrete categories of writing such as copywriting, journalistic writing and creative writing.

The following are types of Freelance Writers:

Technical writer as a technical writer, you need to write technical and complex descriptions, also put procedures and explanations of an article.

Web content writer the writers having his own set of unique opportunities or requirements. These writers are normally writing contents for the websites as a blog or article.

Newspaper or periodical writer is working for the full or part-time as a staff. These writers also work as freelance writers to write an article in their free time for their clients.

Business writer prepares or tackles with articles, pamphlets, prepared schedules, white papers, press releases, business proposals, reports and more. Even these writers write a little advertising.

Ghostwriter is the special writers who write articles, blogs, books or some other works or something else to get the credit of an office. In fact, many of politicians and celebrities hire the ghost writer to compose their autobiography.

Instructional (or curriculum) writer mainly compose educational content. It includes tutorials and lessons, K-12 curriculum or tutoring materials, standardized test questions, fully online courses or textbooks such as insurance or real estate licensing exam programs. In fact, some of the companies hire instructional designers to control both course writing and development.

Work Environment

Freelance writers work in an office, home or anywhere else they can easily access to a PC.

Most of the writers work full time.

As many self-employed and freelance writers generally work part-time or also have variable schedules.

Most of the writers work on usual office hours to work faster with their editors.

Some writers work in private and comfortable offices whereas other works in a noisy environment.

Sometimes writers go physically to acquire information but most are searching on the internet, on their phone or in a library.

Writers who have a laptop can work in the parks and at home.

Well, these writers have an ability to transmit, conduct research, e-mail and download stories.

These writers are paid per project so they get to work for weekends and long hours to meet deadlines.

Most of the freelance writers work at their convenience.

How to become freelance writers

To become freelance writers you need to take the first step. If you start a website from scratch seems too frightening. Secondly, you have to launch your portfolio then set a regular schedule. After that track your income and find a coach or mentor. These are the above steps to become a writer.

Education and Training

Educational qualification

To become Freelance writers one has to get the bachelor’s degree in the field of English, communications, and journalism.

Age limit

A freelance writer should have 18 years of age or older than that. This is the one of the suitable age in which you can work as a writer.

Important Qualities

Concentration skills- The Freelance writer must have this skill because a writer needs to understand the topic correctly. After that, he or she is able to write the content.

Problem-solving skills- This is one of the great skill that one writer needs to have. When he or she needs to talk with the client about the article then the writer needs to have this skill. It’s important.

Communication skill- the Freelance writer must have this skill while interacting with the client.

Decision-making skills- Writer needs to have this skill because while writing he or she writes his point of view. So, it must be strong that time writer needs this skill.

Multitasking skills- Freelance writers needs to have this skills. Writers should have knowledge regarding every aspect and a creative mind.




Well, the average pay income for the content writer is Rs 242,907 per year. Mainly, people in this job don’t have 10 years of experience. The salary increases due to some skills like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Writing Procedures and Documentation.

Job prospects

According to BLS (Bureau of labor Statistics), many people need to pursue the writing career as a freelancer but out of them, 70% take this route. In freelancer, there is an editor or clients who are approaching them. The writers are evolving into for completing assignments in higher payments.


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