What forest guards do?

Being forest guard is a task of adventure and challenges. The duty of a forest guard is to protect all the wildlife including animals and forests that come under his/here charge.

Work environment

The job of a forest guard is to go inside the forest and protect the valuable property of nature from smugglers till whole day. They are responsible to safeguard the endangered species of animals, valuable woods like sandal and new plantations. In most of the time, a forest guard works away from basic comforts like shelter and comfortable sleeping bed. They need to be ready for facing any kind of situation in both day and night.

How to become a forest guard

To become a forest guard, you must be an Indian citizen with minimum education qualification of 12th standard in any stream. No previous experience is required for this job. Age limit for this post starts from 18 to 30 years but relaxation is also provided for reserved category candidates. The candidate have to clear the following levels to become a forest guard:-

  • Physical efficiency test
  • Written test
  • Personal inte4rview

Salary scales

When it comes to earnings, the pay scale of forest guard is 5910 to 20200 INR. Grade pay is defined as 2000 Rs per month.

Job prospectus

Requirement of forest guards is higher in hilly areas where forests are in large number. Need of forest guards persists mostly to replace the retiring ones. It is one of the best jobs for those who love to live in natural environment instead of crowded and polluted cities. The vacancies of forest guards are increasing due to the increasing need of protection of valuable wild life. This job is not for comfort loving people, but if you love wild life and want to be a part of it then this is the best opportunity. Be the boss of jungle and protect it from any possible threat.

What forest guards do?

The duties of a forest guard are not limited to a single task. Here is a detailed list of various duties to be performed by a forest guard:-

  • Maintenance of boundary lines and marking of boundaries in the blocks to define the exact area and its repairing.
  • A forest guard must have the knowledge of his area boundaries because he/she is responsible to prevent their area from being destroyed by fire or smuggling of precious wood.
  • Patrolling is the main duty of a forest guard to prevent the beat from any kind of offence and if any kind of miss-happening noticed, then it should be reported to the range officer.
  • The forest guard must be in his proper uniform along with all important documents such as daily book, beat map and bill book etc.
  • All the activities like collection of seeds, plantation, sowing, creeper cutting, nursery work, pruning and thinning everything is done under the supervision of forest guard.
  • Submission of reports to the section officer and range officer are the duties of forest guard that must be followed on weekly basis.
  • He/she must put the important sign boards in forest indicating the names of forest and directions.
  • Cutting creepers and climbers is also the duty of a forest guard to protect the new born shrubs from being destroyed.

From all of the above points, it is clear that the job of a forest guard is not an easy task. They actually live the life which can is generally seen in the footage of discovery or national geographic channels. Forests are one of the most valuable assets of India which must be protected at any cost. Wildlife is decreasing day by day because if the excessive interference of human activities.

To stop these illegal activities in forest, more forest guards are needed that before. Preventing forests from fire is a very tough task which cannot be performed by a single person. The training and everyday task of a forest guard cannot be ignored as a normal activity. They need to be attentive for 24 hours. All seasons are tough for a forest guard but in summers, the risk of fire is very high, so that their duties become much tougher than before.

The thickest areas of forest where there is no movement of a single human being are dangerous but it also comes in the duty of a forest guard to inspect that area and search if any odd activity is happening at that place. The life in forest is hard to survive and in that situation a forest guard hacve to protect the whole forest from any possible threat.

Conservation of wild life from smugglers is not an easy task, especially when you are protecting some valuable and endangered species of plants, animals or birds. Along with protecting the wild life, they need to protect themselves from the attack of any animal too. Also they have to stop the smuggling of valuables of jungle by risking their own lives.

Forest guard is entitled to maintain the flora and fauna of forest in all seasons. They collect the seeds and sow them in next season to grow, make new plantations in empty portions of land with useful trees. The areas of soil erosion are spotted and immediate reforms are implemented by forest guards.


The actual task of a forest guard is inside the jungle, which is full of various dangers. Even walking through a thick forest may cause several injuries. The sharp edges of bushes and thorny shrubs may tear the skin and cause injury. Also there is a danger to be attacked by wild animals any time and nobody will be there for any medical help. The task of a forest guard is much risky as compare to many other jobs. Every person cannot live in these tough conditions as a forest guard does.

Work schedules

The work schedule of a forest guard cannot be defined in hours because they need to be present for facing every kind of situation in both day and night. The normal working hours are defined as 8 hours a day but they may extend according to circumstances. A single forest guard along with watcher has to monitor almost 4800 hectare of area. This is a huge responsibility which includes various risks too.

Physical standard

  • Male

Height- 168 cm for general category, 160 cm for reserved.

Chest- 84 cm for general category, 82 cm for reserved.

  • Female

Height- 152 cm for general category, 147 cm for reserved

Chest- 79 cm for all categories


The forest guard rank advancement has following levels:-


  • Deputy ranger and forester
  • Forest range officer
  • Forest utilization officer
  • Sub division forest officer
  • Divisional forest officer
  • Conservator of forest
  • Chief conservator of forest.

Important qualities

There are some qualities which must be expected in a forest guard to work effectively.

  • Fitness

Fitness in a forest guard is must required quality because a physically unfit person cannot run or even walk in the environment like thick forests.

  • Instinct

There must be a survival instinct in forest guard to tackle the upcoming situations. He/she must be well informed about the conditions of forest and availability of natural resources for immediate response.

  • Working alone capability

The task of a forest guard is generally completed alone or along with a helper only. A forest guard must have capability to work for a long period without interaction with people. Self motivation and creative ideas are only way to work effectively as a forest guard.

  • Firearms knowledge

The knowledge of firearms is a must need to become forest guard because you need to tackle many odd situations in every day’s life. Safety from wild animals as well as timber and animals smugglers is very important.

  • Education

To choose the job of forest guard as profession, a person must be educated enough to know about every important thing of wild life. The basic survival skills and advanced methods to tackle different situations can only be gained if a person is well educated.



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