If you are travelling through an airline flight then flight attendants are the persons who will assist and help you in every situation. They are the part of cabin crew whose primary duty is to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers. The services of flight attendants are consumed by all business, commercial and military airlines at both domestic and international level.


Flight attendants do something different than normal people because their workspace is in the air. Some of the duties performed by flight attendants are:-

  • Security and comfort for passengers:-

This is the primary duty of a flight attendant because air flight is full of risks and a small ignorance may leads to big hazards. They inform passengers about the security regulations such as how and when to use seat belt or the oxygen mask.

  • Attend preflight briefing:-

It is also the duty of a flight attendant to get brief information about the flight before departure. In this briefing, they get every single detail about distance of flight, weather conditions or evacuation procedure in any emergency.

  • Ensure the cleanness of cabin:-

During flight, the cleanness of the cabin is very important. Different types of people travel through flight such as children, adults and elders. If anybody makes the cabin untidy then it is the duty of cabin crew to clean it during flight.

  • Ensure the safety equipments of every passenger:-

It is the duty of a flight attendant that ensures the safety of every single person who is travelling through flight.  Their seats, seat belts and other safety equipments are properly maintained by flight attendants.

  • Take care of every single passenger’s need:-

A flight consists of every age group passengers such as children, who need milk, chocolates or candies, whereas the demand of adults or old people differs. It is also possible that some patients are travelling whose diet plan excludes the regular diet plan. In that case, it is the duty of flight attendant to take care of every single person’s need.

  • Provide first aid in any emergency:-

While aircraft is in air, there is no one to help you either that flight attendant. Flight attendants provide every possible first aid help to passengers such as any minor injury during a flight or asthma attack etc.

To provide better experience for travelers, flight attendants play a very important role because whole quality of an airlines company depends upon them. They ensure the comfort of every single person and provide them every possible benefit. The proper supply of beverage and food totally depends upon them and it becomes more crucial when flight is of long distance. Helping the passengers to carry the luggage after landing   is also the responsibility of a flight attendant.

Keeping record of every single passenger’s special order is also a part of flight attendant’s duty. Total number of drinks demanded by passenger or any entertainment equipments provided by flight attendant is maintained in the record of commodities. After the end of flight, they submit all the record to airline in detail. Special demands of passengers are considered in priority and flight attendants keep their record.

They ensure the proper safety of every passenger and get the health details in case of any medical issues. If a passenger is travelling with any medical complexion then the duty of flight attendant is to ensure their safety. They are responsible to inform every passenger how to use seat belt or how to evacuate in case of any emergency. If any problem occurs in air, they guide passengers to tackle the situation in proper manner for life safety.

Work environment

The working environment of flight attendant is different from the people who are doing official jobs within a time limit. The timings of a flight attendant vary according to flight schedule. It could be a day or night flight, flight attendant must stay attentive. Their working hours are defined on the basis of flight distance. The work space of these people is inside the aircraft where they have to provide proper hospitality to every passenger. Generally their working hours are not exceeded from 12 hours but during long flights, some customizations are possible. In round figures, an average work timing of flight attendant is between 65 to 90 hours in a month.

How to become a flight attendant

There is a complete list of various requirements which are needed to become a flight attendant. First of all, the person must be an Indian citizen with a valid passport id. The age is required above 18 years and marital status should be single.  Height is also a strict requirement which is as follows

  • For women :- 157 cm
  • For men :- 165 cm

The candidate applying for this job must be physically fit and have good eyesight without any issue of night blindness or color blindness.

When it comes to the education qualification, a flight attendant must qualify 10+2 exams, but graduation degree is highly preferred in any stream. To work as an international flight attendant, knowledge of foreign languages is also important.


As a fresher to this profession, a flight attendant can get at least INR 25000 salary. But it depends upon the experience of a person because an expert in this field gets around 2500 for an hour only. As being a flight attendant of international airlines, one can easily get 100000 per month easily.

Qualities required in a flight attendant

The profession of a flight attendant stands at international level standards, so the qualities are also higher. Some of the important qualities are listed below:-

  • He/she must be fluent is both Hindi and English languages for understanding what a passenger is asking for. If you are planning to become a international flight attendant, then the knowledge of other languages such as French or Spanish are also important.
  • Swimming skills are also needed in priority if you want to become a flight attendant because this skill may require in any kind of emergency.
  • A flight attendant must have patience enough to tackle every kind of emergency situation. During a flight, various circumstances may occur where a flight attendant have to guide all the passengers for using oxygen masks or evacuation.

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