What does an automotive technician do?

An automotive technician is a person who repairs, inspect and give full support in maintaining all the auto vehicles. It is the duty of the technician to handle and fix all the issues that are related to the vehicles with some appropriate solution. The job of the technician is to identify as fast as all the default and issues and monitor many aspects of vehicle performance. In this kind of smaller business, the duties may include a full range of repair and maintenance services. An automotive technician must regularly discuss all the technical issues and always prepared to fix them through their high technical power. Automotive technicians work on traditional mechanical components such as engines and transmissions. An automotive technician must be familiar with all the growing number of latest technologies. They must know how to work on different tools from the computerized diagnostic tools to all power tools like wrenches, torches, jack and much more. As being an automotive technician, one must always work to repair the vehicles like cars, trucks and various other motor vehicles. One must perform regular testing to determine the particular issue and to check the functionality.


  • Technical power to test all the running diagnostics in order to identify all the automotive mechanical problems.
  • Maintaining vehicles by offering regular service on tire rotations, oil changes, filter replacement and any kind of another repair.
  • Also, take help from other mechanics to diagnose all the problems to get the best course of action.
  • Must be familiar with all kind of powerful tools that are needed for all kind of repairs.
  • Ability to complete vehicle service requirements by washing windows, cleaning filters, tires, and belts.
  • Must maintain the secure environment by locking doors and windows.Must explain the complete description of the automotive problems and suggest them the best conclusion.

Work Environment

The working environment for the particular technician may be in some kind of garage. Basically, an automotive technician has to work in large shops where they have the opportunity to build an excellent career in some small towns. The particular technician has to spend its most of time in the garage throughout the particular day. It’s totally different working place as compared to other most jobs. These garages are full with the noxious liquids and gasses without any proper ventilation. In order to complete their certain tasks, the workers have to use lifts to work with heavy vehicles. It’s common for all the technicians that they can suffer from the minor injuries like cuts and scrapes especially to their hands. All the technicians are self-employed and have the complete knowledge for the particular tool.

Pros & cons

  • Typical work conditions:

Most of the government agencies are well-lighted and are ventilated according to the labor statistics. But some of the pit shops which are completely specialized in oil changes and lubrications are not well-ventilated and become very hot during summer months.


  • Often cause injuries

There is a large risk of catching injuries most probably in hands like cuts, small burns etc. An automotive technician also faces risk in lifting with the heavy tools and other equipment parts. One can also face strains and sprains due to the overexertion.

Working hours

The working hours in this job is not fixed. Sometimes the mechanics have to work overtime and most probably shops are also open on weekends like on Saturdays and Sundays.

How to become an automotive technician?

The individuals who are looking for a strong carrer in mechanical field  must consider formal depth education with proper training to work in this competitive automotive field. One must follow the procedure to become a best automotive technician:

Degree Level Associate’s degree
Degree Name Automotive engineering technology
Experience 0 to 3 years
Skills Communication skills, troubleshooting, proficiency in various technologies


  • Complete the training programme

One must complete its post-secondary program in automotive service technology from some recognized platform. the certain program may be of 6 months, yearly as well as of 2 years.

  • Must have Hands-on experience

Along with high knowledge and skills, one must have hands-on experience that must gain through a training program.

  • Must be certified

Getting certification through National Institute For Automotive Excellence is the standard base for any automotive mechanic.

The qualification requirements that are needed to become an automotive technician are:

  • Must have the basic level of mechanical knowledge along with the specialization in major components.
  • Required two-year course in Automobile Maintenance and Automotive technology.
  • Hold any specific brand certification like Ford, BMW etc.
  • Any Informational technology course.
  • Done any kind of state-required licensing exams, if applicable.





For an Automotive technician, with carrying the knowledge of tools there are also some extra skills that must be there that increase the job performance and employment opportunities. Below is the list of skills that must look before in hiring the automotive technician

  • Basic knowledge of all kind of tools.
  • Must know how to handle tools like drills, screwdrivers, pliers as well as vise grips.
  • Must have the quickest solution to fix all the problems especially those which are under high pressure.
  • Strong verbal communication skills as one have to always ready with its complex mechanical ideas, words, phrases.
  • Must contain all the up-to-date knowledge about all the existing as well as new products in the market.
  • Full product knowledge with an inventory of high-quality tools and always learn about the latest tools.
  • Quickly identify the source of the problem and various other issues.

How much can An Automotive technician earn?

As per Indian payScale, the average pay for the specific automotive technician is Rs 180,501 including average bonus and commissions. If an Automotive technician has more than 10 years of experience in this field can also move to the better option reflecting in this particular field.

So one can lead in this field with the starting salary of Rs 20,000 to Rs 25,000 per month and an experienced person can get around Rs40,000 to Rs50,000 per month. In this technical field, a graduate engineer is offered with the stipend of Rs.28,000 to Rs.30,000 a month during training period. Until the member is not confirmed, he or she will go with this basic salary.

A graduate engineer gets a stipend of Rs. 28,000 to Rs. 30,000 a month during training time. This can go up to Rs. 40,000 till s/he is confirmed. A line leader/assistant manager can earn anything from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 80,000 a month, depending on their experience in the industry.

A automotive technician can earn more if he posses the skill to repair and maintain luxury cars. If he know to repair luxury cars than he can earn between 40,000 to 1,00,000  per month.

Job Prospects

The demand of automotive engineers are on increasing range and expected to grow as fast as compared with the other most occupations. In this field, the number of jobs is expected to increase by 5% over the certain period. There is increasing the need for technicians had also increased a large number of vehicles on the road. The job of the particular technician is to perform different technical tasks like oil changes as well as replacement of brake pads.

  • The number of job openings for the post of automobile technician is expected with the average range of 25,000 in coming five years.
  • These occupation facilities are available in most of the developing regions.
  • All the mechanics must have the high promotion of full-time jobs with average weekly hours is 41.0 for all occupations.
  • A motor mechanic must be employed in relevant services, transport, retail trade as well as warehousing. So, in order to accommodate good job prospectus, one must carry proper education and skills to work in this particular environment. One can also get the formal training with the help of computer systems and hybrid fuel systems which really improve the status of the prospectus.


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