Art Conservator

An art conservator is a person who takes care of art object. These art objects are either rare in nature or they may some historical value associated with them. They restore the art objects with proper care and use to place them on the safe area so that they can easily view by others and also remains safe. They ensure that art object should be handled with care and lessens the chances of breakage.

An art conservator is also required to repair and suggest the most effective and useful method of repairing. He prepares art objects for storage and shipping and also installs, arranges, assembles and prepares art objects for exhibition.

An art conservator needs training as an artesian. Art conservator restores reserve and analyzes artifacts and works of art. a career in art conservation require knowledge of both art and science. An art conservator should have expert knowledge about various materials such as painting, books, sculpture and textiles. They have an in-depth knowledge about as how to clean and maintain them and which chemical should be used for cleaning of particular texture and which should be avoided.

As we know as it’s a duty of art conservator to clean and protect the art objects. They make sure that art objects should remain in their original state or condition. They are expert in technique to ensure damaged artifacts regain their value.

What Does Art Conservator Do?

There primarily duties include:-

  • Check the entire objects that need restoration and also ensure whether any of them repair or not.
  • They do a deep examination of all the art object to identify the extent of damage if any.
  • He should determine the restoration technique to be used for each type of material.
  • He should know the use of various art restoration equipment and also know to maintain them.
  • He should maintain the art restoration records
  • He should ensure that the entire chemical used in restoration and cleaning is stored safely.

An art conservator work on the pieces of historical value. Their composition is equally important as their appearance is important. An art conservator is required to study of art and history.

How To Become An Art Conservator

The minimum qualification required for art conservator courses is 10+2 along with a sense of art is desired skill for joining a course in art conservator.

First of all, you need to complete a bachelor degree in a related field, such as art history, studio art, anthropology, archeology or chemistry.  As we know art conservation needs very delicacy and every object should be handled with proper care. So, it better if you join any internship to understand the real working technique of art conservator.

Another thing that you can do is, as you can join a master degree program in conservation studies. There are many universities in India who are offering a master degree in art conservation. Yet you should join an internship training to understand the real working of an art conservator.

Once you feel that you have gained enough training then you can go for searching a job or you can do your business too.

Skill Required For Becoming an Art Conservator

  • You should have an innovative mind so you could give advice to the organization on a conservation issue.
  • Art conservator should be able to examine artifacts. He should have the knowledge to examine the object both visually and using scientific tools such as x-rays, infrared photography and microscopic analysis to determine the cause and extent of deterioration
  • They should be able to propose and estimate the costs of treatments to halt decay and reveal the true nature of objects.
  • They should always have creative and safe solution to clean the object without damaging their original texture and shape.
  • They should be able to provide details about artifacts to the audience.
  • They must have the power to observe the artifacts deeply and make check their eye for details.

Salary of Art Conservators

An art conservator can earn Rs 10,000 for each installation projects and Rs 8000 for each outstation assignment. The amount may differ for each project according to the difficulties and number of the task involved in a project. Earning varies from Number of projects a Art conservator fulfills in a month.

An experienced art conservator may get a job in the museum for a monthly salary of Rs 16,000 to Rs 75000.

Art Conservator Career Prospect

An art conservator can do a job in any museum or under any art collector and dealers. There is high growth career opportunity for art conservator. As they can do the job in any museum. The governments also need art conservator to take care of important historical documents and an art object in their museum. Many art conservators prefer to open their own business and reach the top potential. While they can do teaching, art journalism, archaeology, and art dealing.

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