What Event Manager Do

Event Manager usually works as an organizer. They visualize concepts, executing, budgeting and planning the events. These persons can arrange events like musical concerts, exhibitions, theme parties, wedding celebrations, fashion shows, corporate seminars and product launching.


Event Manager typically does the following activities:

  • An event manager mostly organizing seminars, exhibition, and conference.
  • They can also arrange the location when they need to meet with a client so that he or she can finalize that they can decorate their event.
  • As they can work with lots of efforts and also welcoming the crowd.

Work Environment

An event manager mainly gets a chance to travel, meet with the clients and attend all the national, international and local events.

An event manager works from an office or sometimes goes for a meeting with the client decided venue.

A person can also meet with individuals like professional athletes, business executives, and celebrities.

How to Become an Event Manager

To become an event manager in India, first of all, one has to be an Indian Citizen. The candidates should appear for the entrance exams of MBA i.e. a post graduate degree which is of 2 years from the recognized university or an institution.

In fact, a person can do a short term certificate courses to get this same profile. Whereas, some of the institutions or colleges will give admission to the candidates with the obtain percentage in the qualifying class.

After completing the Postgraduate in which he or she has learned about the principle and techniques and so on can join some event management organization. In fact, a person can start his or her own business of event management with making business relations with the same profile organization.

Education and Training

Education Qualification

To become an Event Manager one has to complete their Bachelor’s degree with liberal arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Age Limit

Lower age limit is 21 years and upper age limit is not suggested.

Important Qualities

Decision-making skills- A person can become an event manager if he or she has this ability. This is one of the important skills that can help him or her while making an arrangement of the event. When you are going to give an interview, an interviewer always finds this ability in you. If the person has this ability then he or she can become successful in the same field.

Communication skills- An event manager always interacts with the new people for the arrangements of events. That’s why this skill is more important for the person to become a successful event manager. In India, he or she needs to speak in a language Hindi, English or Punjabi. For this post, a person needs to have a good command of languages.

Problem-solving skills- For the person who wants to become an event manager can have this ability, it is mandatory. A person needs to solve any kind of problem and also find a solution then he or she can get success in this job profile. In fact, it is essential to be patient always to do a quality work.

Concentration skills- An event manager needs to have this skill to rise in his or her career. This work is not easy, so, this quality is mandatory to handle this job. You have this ability than you are eligible for this.

Multitasking skills- A person needs to have this quality to perform a good job in this profile. This skill helps you to finish your work in time with perfect arrangements. It is an important skill that an event manager should have.


The expected salary of an event manager starts from Rs.15, 000 to Rs.20, 000. After some job experience, the person can earn a salary of Rs.25, 000 per month or it may be also increased. In fact, an Event Manager can easily earn near about Rs.1, 00, 000 per event but after proper experience in the same field. All the monetary profits will depend on the arrangements as well as innovations will do or handle by the Manager on an event.

Job Prospects

There are a number of opportunities available for the event managers in both the public as well as private sector organizations. The job opportunities in this field will depend upon the qualification or experience of an individual.

The person can search out the employment to become an event manager in the public sector, tourist agencies, corporate sector, and government agencies, banks and hotels. They can also find out the employment in private consultancy and other financial institutions.

Normally, they can involve arranging the parties, religion events and marriages of an individual. But nowadays they can find work to organize events professionally like on concerts, shows or rallies of models, film stars and political figures.

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