Epigraphist is a profession in which a person analyses or studies an ancient inscription. Well, they can help you all to know more about essential information of the past. They explore and preserve the past, so that future generation will experience its greatness.

What Epigraphist Do

Epigraphists usually preserve or analyses an historical script. As they procure those scripts from the wide collection which is required generally in the future.


Epigraphist typically does the following:

  • These epigraphists are usually responsible for keeping the way of decoding scripts for the further future generations.
  • They do work for the future generation so that they can read important information and know more about the ancient times.
  • These persons are mainly responsible for preserving the manuscripts as well as several inscriptions of the past.
  • They work so that the next generation can match or compare the changes of present to the past.



Work Environment

An Epigraphist should work in a laboratory to make research on the ancient inscriptions or scripts.

They mainly work for a public sector organization where they get a well-furnished research office.

They work in a silent room where they can work with proper concentration and no one can disturb him or her.

This is one of the job profiles where they can research on past treasures.

How to Become an Epigraphist

To become an Epigraphist, a person has to complete their Bachelor Degree or Post graduate with good percentage in areas such as Art History, Latin, Archaeology, History, English Literature, and many others.

In fact, if a person did their Post graduate degree in information study, information management, library, and archives management can help him or her to apply into this field. Whereas a person needs to have knowledge regarding several types of languages plus scripts make him or her best professional.

There are various institutes provide the course of an Epigraphist:

  • National Museum Institute, New Delhi
  • National Achieve of India, Janpath, New Delhi
  • Institute Of Heritage Research and Management, New Delhi
  • Institute of Archaeology, Red Fort, New Delhi

A person can also start Ph.D. after the completion of their Postgraduate only. Well, they can apply for the post of an Epigraphist in the public as well as private sector organization both.

Education and Training

Education Qualification

To become an Epigraphist in India, one must have to be an Indian Citizen. A person needs to complete their 10+2 for getting admission related to this field of Epigraphist.

Age Limit

Lower age limit is 21 years and upper age limit is 27 years.

Important Qualities

Multitasking skills- This is one of the person needs to have for becoming the Epigraphist. This is one of the professional lines where a person needs to an innovative work. An Epigraphist needs to an all-rounder so that he or she can perform their research in a very amazing way.

Concentration skills- A person needs to have this skill in this job profile. All the work of this profession is related to the concentration. An Epigraphist can do their whole work with the use of concentration. This quality matters a lot if one wants to become an Epigraphist.

Problem-solving skills- In this job profile, a person needs to solve some problem in a minute and also get some solution of this. This skill is very much helpful for the person to opt this profile.

Decision-making skills- A person needs to take a strong decision of any situation which is good for the organization’s development. This skill matters a lot for this profile to get a success in time.

Communication skills- This is one of the skills which can help a person of this profile while dealing with prominent personalities. So, the person needs to have this skill for the career growth.


Well, there is a lot of demand of Epigraphist globally but there is only limited number of people who have this course. That’s why the availability of Epigraphist can increase their salary packages. The average salary of an epigraphist is started from Rs.30, 000 per month. If the person has a good experience then he or she can demand the higher salary packages.



Job Prospects

This is the job profile in which a person can work in the units of several Corporate and Government associations. They can simply handle an ancient manuscript or some things related to it. If someone wants to join Archaeological Survey of India then they need to appear for the entrance exam which is conducted by Staff Selection Commission or Union Public Service Commission.

In spite of all this, there is the great demand of Epigraphist in the nation India. There are various universities or colleges offering him or her major research program.



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