An artist is a person who can create unique work from his imagination. The person who has a creative mind and has their unique ideas can also be called artists. Artists typically have one or more type of talent in them and it may be photography, drawing, painting, sculpting and graphic design. An artist may be self employed or may get hired by others. He mainly works for some targeted audiences who have a similar taste of art.

An artist is said to be born artist who have a special taste of art and like to create his own piece of art. it’s not compulsory that an artist should attain a degree to become artists. But he may choose to do a degree to attain more professionalism. A degree program can give more growth to the career of an artist.

What an artist do

  • An artist makes a painting of nature, landscape, and the person with the use of colors.
  • An artist clicks good photographs with a normal or DSLR camera. He has the special vision to see the beauty that a normal human can’t see.
  • He can help police by drawings sketches of criminals.
  • An artist can entertain other by making good music.
  • An artist can create awareness among society by his art
  • He can make society closer to each other by his work.

Work environment of an artist

An artist requires a stress-free work environment without any pressure. As the artist is a creative job so an artist should remain free from world worries and should concentrate n his work. Most of the time artist prefers to work in silence so that they can remain focused upon their work.

But if there is any requirement they would like to go out for their work and work even crowded atmosphere to fulfill the demand of client. There is no particular decided work atmosphere of the artist. They may need to go the mountain or they may go to deserts also. First of all upon either the mood of the artist or on the demand of client as what will the there working location and atmosphere.

How to become artist

Artist is a wide profession and it includes lots of streams and fields. Usually, it is said that an artist is born but now there are many institute and colleges who can also train you of you have a passion for becoming an artist. First of all, you need to check and decide as which type o fart or what kind of art do you want to mastery of it. There are many kinds of arts some of them are following:-

Drawing includes the basic drawing to advance level of drawing. It includes making sketches and cartoons. You can use pen, pencil or charcoal to make drawings

Painting: a painting is described Picture of the image that is made with the use of colors. It may be an abstract painting, landscape painting, portrait painting, or modern art. These all painting is made by colors.

Photography: Photography means clicking the unique picture of landscape, nature, people, flowers or anything else that can catch attention of people.

Sculpting: sculpting means making the statue of a human, an animal of any other shapes.

These all above are only a few forms of art. But there are a lot of another form of art like pottery, flower decoration and many others too.

Once you have recognized as on which form of art you want to achieve mastery. Search for its courses and academies where you can get a more professional education in it.

Join The Degree Or Certificate Program In Arts

As you have found your stream of art now you must join a college offering education in it.  While the most preferred degree by art lover is a fine art. So you can join a bachelor degree program in fine arts. Here you can learn the basic to advance skill of art making and art designing.

Once you have completed the degree program you can join and any industry or any artist as an apprentice. As an apprentice, you would get a chance to learn what the original working atmosphere of an artist is. What are the problem an artist face and what disadvantage he needs to face. So he may learn to handle critical situations.

Skill required

For becoming an artist you need to be:-

  • You needs to be creative and should have passionate to create something unique with your work.
  • You should recognize your strengths and weakness as where you are perfect and where you lack.
  • You must enjoy working on art projects.
  • You should have skill t conduct research to understand the deeper side of an art.


An artist salary varies according to his experience and stream. But usually an artist is estimated to earn between Rs 30,000 to Rs 60,000 per month, this goes on increasing as per experience and skills.

Yet most of the artist prefers to setup their own display galleries and also participate in exhibitions and shows to showcase their work. By setting their own galleries they can get fairer price of their art.

Career prospects

As you have a passion for art and many other also have a passion for buying art work. There are a lot of art lover in the world who continuously look bad admire the new art work. Initial stage you may get paid less but as you get expertise in art, there are unlimited potential for you. You can even work as a freelancer too.

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