A singer is a musical professional who can vocalizes musical sounds and tone and pitch. He uses his own voice to produce music. Singers may sing solo or duet. Most of the times singer are accompanied by instrumental music.

People are fond of music and songs from ancient times. Many of Indian scriptures were also written in rhyming style so that people can sing them also. In older times, people use top sings only religious songs, but with an advancement of the times, many forms of music and songs were generated.  Now there are lots of songs in different languages and for different mood. As if you want to entertain people who are looking for romantic song, you can sing a romantic song. So, now we have lots of options in singing like sad songs, gajals, quail, romantic song, folk songs, religious songs and patriotic songs.

Duties of singer

  • A singer memorizes musical notes and routines and seeing the text as provided to him.
  • He or she can interpret or make changes in music, applying the knowledge of a harmony, tune, beat and voice production to individualize presentations. He is able to maintain audience interest in song.
  • He can sing perfectly a solo song and as well as a duet song.

A singer is an artist or performer who crafts a vocal song using various techniques and training.  A singer needs to practice on a daily basis to keep his singing skill maintained.a singer may write their own music and sing music written by others. At many times singers also need to train other singers and enhance their singi9ng skills. Professional singers are a highly talented artist, who can sing anything with beautiful melody. They have excellent sharing skills and can identify the tone and pitch expected

Work environment of singer

A singer needs to work in variable environment. Yet most of the times he needs to work in the recording studio. Where he sings a song along with music composition. The workstation of a singer also depends upon the type of music, singer are specialized in. Suppose if you are a traditional or classical singer than most of the time performance will be held as a live concert in front of thousand of audience. And if you are a background singer for film and television than you are likely to work in recording studio yet you may required to sing in concert or live show upon the special request or popularity of your singing.

He is required to work usually 10 to 20 hours per week. But he need to practice at least 4  to 6 hours daily.

And if you are  a music teacher or taught other person the musical skills than you are required to work in closed rooms with fewer students who are keenly interested to learn new skill of singing from you.

How to become a singer

As singing is a personal talent of a person, there is not any degree specialize in singing skills. But it’s required that you should have knowledge about music and musical instruments. So for this you can gain a degree in music

Gain A Bachelor Degree In Music

Thera are a lot of college and universities in India who offers a bachelor degree program in music. To become a good singer you should have knowledge of music. In the program you will learn about the major an minor note of music, rhythm and beats.

You will also learn about the basic knowledge of music, musical instruments, sound, origin of sound, classical music, western form of music. You will introduce and taught about the talas for instance teentaal, dadra and keherwa.

Go To Training

The next thing after obtaining the degree is, that you should go for training under any professional singer. There you will learn as how to sing along with the music. How to coordinate with the music and the dotehr singer while singing a duet song. You will teach about fine singing skills. You will learn as how to catch every musical note and sing along with it.

Sing your own songs

As you finished your training and now you can go for professional singing. You can record your own soundtrack in the studio and release a musical album. And you search  work in television in the film industry. There is also a lot of online platform where you can show your singing skill to people.


A singer is like to work as a freelancer. And his earring varies according to the write-up of projects and working area. If you singsong for film and television industry, then he is expected to earn Rs 45,000 to Rs 2,00,000 per month on an estimated average.he gets paid extra for his live musical concert.


The skill required for becoming a singer

  • He/she should have the skills to give live performance before an audience. He should have the confidence to sing in a concert.
  • He should do practice in regular routine and study with local coaches in order to maintain their voice and singing skills.
  • He should never hesitate to learn new music or new singing style to entertain their audience.
  • Her should collaborate with a manager or agent who handle his administrative details and find work and negotiate contracts.


Career prospects

Singing is a career associated with film and media and television world. Once you have gained enough skills you will be likely to get paid higher. As higher the your fan following as higher your singing demand will be. But the main thing is that you should have good singing skills and also have good knowledge of music so that you can  sing along with it.

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