Flowers has a very important role in our life. We use the flower in worship, to express love, to express respect and also give flowers as a sign of saying congratulation to each other. Flowers is used every occasion to express joy and happiness, whether it’s a wedding, a baby is born, or a birthday celebration. Every occasion is full of colorful flowers. And when there are so many flowers, then there must be a floriculturist too.

A floriculturist is a person who is an expert in the art and the knowledge of growing flowers to perfection. Floriculture is a branch of horticulture that specially deals with the cultivation of flowers and ornamental crops only. A floriculturist needs to pay attention from the time of planting to till the time of harvesting.  A floriculturist needs to pay attention to the selection of seeds, planting seeds, cutting, budding and grafting.

Initially, floriculture was practiced as a hobby by flower lovers, but now this is a highly demanded profession. It involves the high cost of planting materials, seeds, cut flowers, etc so, there is a demand that everything should be done perfectly and neatly in the same time also avoiding the wastage.


Floriculturist duties

  • A floriculturist focuses on the cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants for garden, floral industry and for the export. They also work towards exploring new varieties.
  • A floriculturist grows and harvest of commercial flowers for both, retail and export purpose.
  • Floriculturist cultivates flowers and ornamental plants for sales or for use a raw material n cosmetic and perfume industry.
  • He manages flower seeds and essential oil crops.
  • He manages and maintains the fields and controlled growing environments
  • He prepares the soil and grows bulbs.
  • He assists in the daily routine work of nursery operations.
  • He can treat the disease of plants through chemical protection of plants.
  • He ensures the right kind of post harvest storage of raw material and products
  • He makes records of each and every item, whether it’s a fertilizer, seeds of any other thing we used in floriculture.
  • He knows how to work on a budget and bookkeeping.

How To Become A Floriculturist

Floriculturist is beautiful profession have you get a chance to always surround by flower and fragrances. Lots of flowers for each and every season  and their different fragrances will really amaze you.Here we will learn how you can become a floriculturist.

Educational qualification

You should have minimum 10+2 or any equivalent qualification for joining the degree program in agriculture.

Process to become a floriculturist

As floriculture is a branch of agriculture so, you can join a degree programme in agriculture.For joining an agriculture degree you need to clear the entrance test. There are many universities in India who is offering a degree program in agriculture.

After completing the degree, you will have full knowledge abut agriculture process and techniques. So now you can join a master degree program in floriculture or horticulture.

Join the Training

As you have completed your education, now you can join any floriculturist. Here you will get the real training as for how to maintain your flowers, storage, and all other things. You will learn how you can work perfectly along with maintaining your budget. Usually, 1 year training is enough, where you can practically examine as for how a particular plant grows in different seasons. And you will understand what are the barrier and advantages of this profession.

Salary Ranges

A floriculturist can earn between Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 per month. While a floriculturist can earn Rs 40,000 to 80,000 per month if you run your own business.


A skill that you need to be floriculturist.

Passionate about Flowers: – you should be passionate about flowers and always keen to learn more about flowers.

Do Not Care For Weather Condition: if you love for flowers is enough that you do not care about weather conditions to nourish and care for your plants. Then defiantly this profession is suitable for you.

Patience: – we know nature works slowly but always bring a unique perfection. And when you are going to grow plants you should be patience to see the blooming flowers. You should not be curious or excited to see the flowers that you spoil the plant.

Good observant: – you should be a good observer and observe the each and every change in plants. If you have seen any negative change than just tries to improve the planting.


Career Prospect

Floriculturist is very bright and demanded profession now a day. Flowers are used for the birth ceremony to death ceremony everywhere. In India, floriculture industry includes flower trade, production of nursery plants and potted plants. Every year, demand is growing at a 25 % rate. One can join the field of floriculture as farm/estate managers, plantation experts, and supervisors.


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