Film critic

We watch a number of movies and at the end of each year, the best movies are announced. As the best movie undergoes various tests and in these process, critics play the important task.

What does a Film critic do?

If the candidate wants to become the movie critic then the person must have the zeal to watch the movies and must have the ability to gather the information by reading articles, reviews, and current affairs about the movie. The judgment of movie can be done by narration, dialogue and by various other characteristics. It is one of the exciting professions.

How to become a film critic?

Characteristics you need about the film critics are to a plot, sub-plot, narration, dialogue etc. This field offers you the joy and the fun experience that come along with communication what you have experienced and getting as much as discussions going about it. The most amazing thing it also generally offers the opportunity to set your own working hours which can be easily managed by you.

Education requirement: There is no such particular education requirement for film critics. Bachelor’s degree education in film studies or media studies with awareness in film and culture should be available. In this program, you can learn film terms, and get the knowledge of how to analyze films according to their style and write the articles discussing movies. Classes of films may include topics like film aesthetics, the history of movies, film theory and criticism, film genre studies, and the history of television. Some programs may include internship opportunities.

Programs offered are:

  1. I. Students willing to pursue a career in this sector can pursue:
  2. II. Post graduation in Journalism

III.       Post graduation in Mass Communication

  1. M.A. English (Hons)

Who employs the film critics?

If you want to get the knowledge with which you can work. Then the various organizations are there.

Newspapers: As in newspapers, you can publish your articles about the film. And various newspapers have particular pages for film section. This can be very much useful.

Lifestyle and entertainment magazines: This you can do by online and offline features which means like there are various weekly magazines which provides us the reviews about the latest movies with its all description.

 Movie blogs and websites: Movies blogs and websites provide us the knowledge about the movie and these online sites offer you the link which provides the update of current affairs.

 Radio, television and web-based broadcasters: By radio, television or by web broadcasters we can get the sufficient amount of knowledge which means they make us update about the new films. As in this, they provide the rating for each movie which helps a lot.

Salary: The starting salary is from Rs 20,000 to 25,000 per month. With experience and depending on the organization’s the salary increases and a recognized critic you may earn anything between Rs 1,00,000 to Rs 1,50,000 per month.

Career requirement: For the film critic good communication and writing skills are important.


Earn the Bachelors degree:  4-year bachelor’s degree program in film studies is important which includes courses in the history of film, film theory, screenwriting, and the study of different genres, such as musicals, horror, and other films. There are no specific requirements to become a film critic, having a bachelor’s degree in journalism, film studies or another related field may be necessary to work in the field.

Step 2:

Become a film bluff: By this we mean the more you gather the information about films the more effectively you can work. As the proper knowledge about the directors and about their different styles can help you to learn more about them.

Step 3:

Obtain the entry level work: This can be explaining as the starting of your career in the field of the film critic.  The newspaper or the radio stations can help you for your experience by applying for entry-level positions or for online publication companies, or at radio or television stations.

Step 4:

Build up the reputation: This means if you are working for a newspaper or a magazine then try to establish your work so that people can recognize you.

Skills require for film critics are:

  1. The ability to communicate to different audiences in different formats. Consistency in your style so that people can easily understand you.
  2. The ability to communicate with people by experiencing your own lifestyle and try to connect with them in a possible way. The ability to get in flow by proofreading your reviews. The ability to connect personal experiences with subjects you discuss in your reviews.

Apply for a job: you can apply for a job by going through certain successful tips.

Watch a wide variety of films: try to gather the information by watching films and will help you to collect the comparison, text of the films.

Start writing: try to start writing the articles or for magazines, this will increase your writing skill and can maintain your record as your experience.

Learn about the film industries: this can be possible by collecting information from different sites and by reading articles.



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