A disc jockey is anyone who plays pre-recorded music with some his personal styles. He has the skill to attract to the audience with the music and his style. There are various categories of DJ. This category is divided on the base to targeted audience and performance event.

The club/Bar DJ: This is the DJ that performs is a local night club or a bar.

The performer or guest Dj: this is Dj that holds their own exclusive Dj night. they have a large fan base, which come to enjoy their show.

The mobile/ wedding Dj: these are the most professional Dj, who performs at wedding or private parties.

Here I would like mention one thing that Dj does not produce music, they use to play prerecorded music in a different style to entertainment their audience. Disc jockeys are specializing in the specific type of music that can be rock & roll, R&B, rap, country, soft rock or alternative. They may choose to play music and can also provide details of each song. They can also read traffic report, discuss whether or may talk anything which listeners like to listen.

A Disc jockey handles many responsibilities simultaneously. And if their job is at a radio station than they are required to coordinate with directors and editors so that broadcast goes smoothly. They are also responsible for communicating with technicians if any error or problem occurs during the broadcast.

Role of disc jockey

Being a Dj you need to do a lot more than just playing songs. You need to be creative while choosing a song and its playing time. You should use your own creativity while playing a song or mixing it with another. He chooses the playlist and set their timings for each track. A disc jockey ensures that all the tracks are suitable to play in that event. He should have the diversified skill to keep the audience active. You should be able to perform live and scripted broadcast both. Disc jockey should have entertaining and interview skills so that he can interview the guest and add more flavors in entertainment.

Most of the times, a disc jockey is required to work for radio stations in a sound proof studio. So, he should be expertise in the certain type of music, like classic rock, pop or contemporary and more.

Work Environment

The work atmosphere of a disc jockey changes from per assignment. Sometimes he needs to work in a radio station in a sound proof studio. And sometimes he needs to work below the in open sky area, where thousands of people will be there and lots of noise is also there.  A disc jockey always remains focused on his task. He continues to entertain the audience, forgetting the barrier of weather, noise end other disturbance.

How To Become A Dj

The eligibility criteria are very simple. If you love music and if you love doing experiment with music then definitely, you can become a good disc jockey. Following are some important qualities that you must have for becoming a Dj.

Educational requirement: usually skills more matter in Dj. But you should have completed a bachelor degree program for becoming a Dj.

Join A Dj Courses

There is not any authorize university or college, who offer any degree or certificate in Dj.yet there are a lot of private institutes and training center that offers you training of becoming a Dj. These institutes offer a training or certificate program on Dj.

Join As Apprentice

As Dj is a practical work so you cannot get expertise in it till you has any practical knowledge of working experience. For gaining the real working experience you should join as an apprentice under any renowned Dj. Here you can sharpen your skill and get more real life experience.

Skill Required

  • You should understand the music and have love for it
  • You should have entertaining skills and skill to grab the audience’s attention.
  • You should be a good listener and understand and catch the every note of music.
  • Yu should have the skill of being, equalization and audio mixing.
  • You should understand the timing of beat matching, scratching and beat juggling.

Beside above all, you should have an outgoing personality and friendly attitude towards people. Even if you able to built a large fan fallowing people expect you to behave friendly and always in jolly mood. You should understand that how you should use hit songs and make them mixing with other songs.


The salary of disc jockey varies as per their experience and their location. Usually, if you work in metro cities will get paid higher than smaller cities.

A disc jockey earns between Rs 30,000 to Rs 60,000 per month.

There are several disc jockeys that are employed in broadcast and hospitality industry and have salaries between Rs 3 lakh to Rs 7 lakh per annum.

Job Prospect

A disc jockey is a lovable profession by the youngster. Here you will get the chance to entertain others. You will meet new people and can make new useful contact for your profession. There is a huge demand of disc jockey in an urban area. Whether it’s bday party, musical party, wedding party or any other event. People like to hire disc jockey for the purpose of entertaining their guest.




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