Cartoonist draws an art with a good sense of humor. A cartoonist draws images just images just with the help of pencil and white paper. Many times these images are self-explanatory and viewers understand its message just by seeing the drawing. Yet he can use text to add more humor in the drawing. He draws cartoon ob hands and as well as a computer.

The cartoonist has a good sense of humor. He has the ability to meet the deadline and can work under immense pressure.

What a cartoonist do

The cartoonist is a professional who uses simple pencil drawn images to convey his message. He may use one, two or three images to make his message clear. He may make a complete book of cartoons of various cartoons.

Cartoons use the topic of interest of children, politics, social issue, crime, and government. He creates awareness among people of society about social issues, corruption, and crime and makes them motivate to fight against crime and injustice.

If a cartoonist is drawing a cartoon for children book then he can infuse good moral value and good habits to them. He can make the children aware of good habits and taught them good moral values like respect their parents, obey the teacher, wake up early and eat healthy food.


Duties of A Good Cartoonist

  • He should use his own idea and his own drawing.
  • He should create awareness among society through his cartoons
  • He should not disrespect the law.
  • He cartoons should not hurt religious belief and emotions of anyone.
  • A cartoonist should use his skill to taught good habits and moral value among children.

Usually, a cartoonist draws images with a pencil and these are black and white images. but if he is drawing a cartoon for kids than he uses to draw a colorful picture as children are attracted towards colors.

Where a cartoonist publish his work

A cartoonist can publish his work in daily newspaper, magazine, and books. He may publish his own book, where he can explore his work and talent. There are many online sources too, where he can display his work.

Work environment of a cartoonist

A cartoonist works usually indoor; he may use some photographs to draw an idea of their cartoon.  Most of the cartoonist in India prefers to work as a freelancer, where they have the flexibility to work from home and work at their preferred time. Yet they have to work under pressure in order to finish the work under the deadline given by the client.

How to Become A Cartoonist

A cartoonist is an artist who draws easy images along with the message. His drawn images can make people laugh. Today, we will tell you as for how you can become a cartoonist.

Join A Degree Course In Fine Art Or Animation

First of all, you need to join a degree course in the fine art of animation whichever you are looking to work with. This course will make you an expert in drawing the images. in these courses, you will learn about drawing, painting, illustration, anatomy, computer graphics and photography.

There are many universities in India who are offering a degree in fine arts or degree in animation.

After completion of degree programmer, a cartoonist is well versed about drawings and making cartoons. He can join any publishing house or any newspaper. He can also works as a freelancer and send his drawn cartoons to newspapers and even publish them on the internet.

Skill Required

  • A cartoonist should be able to draw cartoons that amuse, educate or entertain readers.
  • They should have the skill to develop animated narrated sequences.
  • He should have good communication skill to deal and negotiate with publisher about his remuneration and work
  • A cartoonist should have a good story telling skill, especially short story telling skill as he needed to finish his message with the use of minimal words.
  • He should now the use of the computer in making drawing.

Salary ranges

At the initial stage, a cartoonist can get a salary between Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 per month. yet his payout increase with popularity cartoons. More skills, higher creativity, and higher the experience will likely to get paid higher.

Cartoonist Career Prospects

Mostly Cartoonist is the self employed person who works with his own convenience and comfort. Yet he has dedicated person who completes his work strictly under the mentioned deadline and transforms his work with unique idea and creativity.

Many of cartoonists maintain their own website where they respond to fan and their comments. Many time they offer cartoon related merchandise like t-shirts, mugs or greeting card. Cartoonist always seeks new client from media and other sources. And those who are looking for cartoons can also contact directly to the cartoonist for getting their work done. So there is increasing demand of the good cartoonist in India, who can make people laugh with their work.

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