Archaeologists examine the ancient sites and research about the past objects. The aim is to record and preserves the archaeological study which can be used for future generations.

What is Archaeology?

Archaeology is the study of the ancient objects or the recent human past through their material remains. It is also known as the subfield of anthropology, which means it is the study of all human culture. Archaeology analyzes the historical civilization which refers to the old study of life. It also deals with the monuments heritage centers.

Types of an archaeologist:

This can be defined as the field of archaeology.

  • Contractor Commercial Archaeology – It mainly deals with the working for a developer on a contract or as a commercial part, who is responsible in the cost and for the time involved in a project
  • Research or Academic Archaeology – It deals with the site working which involves the survey of projects which can be like of highways, dams or various other projects. It can take several of years or months.
  • Public or Community Archaeology – it deals with the work which is done with the help of public involvement but the steps taken for this purpose are under professional guidance.
  • Specialist Archaeologist – it deals with the information of the geographical areas which provides the information about the historical periods which can be explained as pottery, coins or bones.

Employers of Archaeologists:

  • Local authorities
  • Teaching in universities or colleges
  • National organizations such as English Heritage
  • Museums
  • Assistant in research institutions
  • Professional and commercial developers
  • University archaeological units
  • Archaeological trusts

Education and training of the Archaeologists:

Required Education                                          Master’s degree

Projected Job Growth (2014-2024)                     4%

Academic institutions are categorized into three groups.

  1. 1. Government operated universities offering a graduate degree.
  2. Private universities offering graduation degree.
  3. Community Training Centers also offer the under-graduation degrees.

Archaeologist Educational Requirements includes the

  • Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Graduation Degrees
  • Internship


Starter: 17,000 to 25,000

Experienced: 25,000 to 35,000

Highly Experienced: up to 60,000 (senior manager)

Archaeologist’s job description or the duties are:

  • As the archaeologists examine or analyze the objects from the past which can be done from the social, economical or the intellectual life. They are not restricted to certain boundaries or areas they basically deal with the site visit and the surveys which can be done worldwide. Collecting or examining the information from the objects and researching on them is also one of the techniques. The duties are completely described below:
  • They collect the information from the past or develop the data collection methods. Like by extracting the knowledge from the museums and by going through all its details they manage the records.
  • Collect the information from the observations, interviews and from the previous records.
  • Manage the records with the help of software like with the field via GPS/GIS
  • Examine the data and manage the records which provide the information of human life culture and about the origin.
  • It includes the field like survey, monitoring and site visiting.
  • It gathers the historical information and about the literature reviews.

Skills those are required in Archaeologists:

  • One should have excellent communication skills and should have the ability to effectively coordinate with the professionals.
  • Have the ability or the willingness to keep up to date with development in archaeology. Must have an interest in collecting the useful information.
  • Should have accuracy in the work.
  • As in this field work is required so there should be the quality of leadership and have the ability to work with people in groups.
  • Should have an analytical and you can say the enquiring mind, and should also have an interest in past.
  • Should have the motivation skill and focus.
  • Must have the knowledge of using tools and instruments.
  • Project management and time management skills.
  • Patience and complete dedication to work.
  • Accurate writing, drawing and photography skills.
  • Presentation skills
  • Good IT skills
  • Driving license

Roles of archaeologists:

  1. Conduct excavation with shovels, perform bending, kneeling, standing, lifting, and carrying field.
  2. Develop and maintain the cultural resource information.
  3. Perform the different operations of drawing, monitoring, and testing of the various projects.
  4. Presentation work is required which involves the collection of records.
  5. Have complete knowledge of the tools that are used for the project.
  6. Proper precaution and safety measures should be taken.
  7. Assist the seniors whenever required.
  8. Have proper information of how to use the computer applications, like computer-aided design (CAD) and geographical information systems (GIS).

Degree related to Archaeology is:

  • Environmental Chemistry Degree
  • Geospatial Science Degrees
  • Environmental Microbiology Degree
  • Geo-science Degree
  • Environmental Biology Degree

You can go for the preferred course that you like. These courses are provided by the various colleges or by the universities. Some include the entrance test or the private admission facility is also there. If you have an interest in archaeology then you can prefer the above streams also.

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