What can an Anthropologist do?

An anthropologist works like scientists who basically examines research and study all the biological aspects that are probably used in the development of new technologies.  He has to do a deep study on the social and cultural behaviors. One has to conduct a survey and analyze the data in order to create new and effective policies. One has to work by implementing the theories in numerous practical applications. Depending on their sub-field, an anthropologist has a wide range of responsibilities. There are numerous types of anthropologists that are working such as physical anthropology, Socio-cultural anthropology and much more. Some of the anthropologists also work in preventing the diseases by developing new control techniques.


  • Have to explain all the physical, social as well as cultural attributes.
  • Identify all the practices that are affecting the human health.
  • Suggest some essential programs, plans, and policies to all the government agencies as well as private organizations.
  • Regular conduct and test all the data collection methods
  • Collect the effective information and make final judgments through proper observations and reviews.
  • Also, come in touch with the other anthropologists to discuss various important aspects.

Work Environment

An Anthropologist has to work in some indoor place and also move outdoors when they have to work on some field. The work performance must be accurate and have to work more than 40 hours a week and also prefer to do some part time work. Sometimes they have also to travel to consult with the other most cultures. The location may be kind research organization, government as well as some kind of firms. Some of the anthropologists have also performed some of the tasks in the laboratory or at fieldwork. The working hours considered to be flexible and have to always communicate with the other people with their fresh ideas. The most of the time is spend in writing the reports that are all based on the research data. Mostly, the anthropologist has to work as part of a research team and have to work in all-weather conditions.

How to become an Anthropologist?

To become an Anthropologist, one has to complete the master’s degree or Ph.D. in specific subjects like anthropology and archaeology. Apart from the degree requirements, candidates must be properly trained in the specific field set and also study courses in geography and geology. An anthropologist has to study every aspect of humanity and must evaluate different living cultures. The education criterion is a lengthy one as the demand for the research and teaching is in the increasing mode.


So, to become an anthropologist one must follow the following criteria:

  • Complete graduation degree in Anthropology with the minimum number 55%.
  • After completing the degree, one can take admission in the courses like a one-year diploma, two-year post-graduation diploma, or also can do post graduation in different fields of Anthropology.
  • Finally after completing the one of the above course, one can go for the jobs in private as well as public sectors.

Required Skills

  • Basic qualification either 10th or +2.
  • A specific age is not the basic requirement.
  • Active listener as well as good in writing and communication skills.
  • Must identify complex problems and implement relevant solutions.
  • Have Attentive and innovative approach


The salary package of an Anthropologist is completely depending upon the experience and the skills of the person.  The starting salary of an anthropologist is from Rs.8000 to Rs.12000 per month. The pay package in this field is not up to mark as compared to other such professions. The basic salary pay is calculated on the base of the working environment as well as preferred on the qualification. So we can say that in this profession can earn high salary package ranging from Rs.5 Lakhs annually at the initial stage and go up to the high package of Rs. 8 Lakhs per annum for an experienced person.

yet if you able to learn proficiency in the profession than you could try for overseas jobs. where you can earn $100 to $500 per hour.

Job Prospects

The employment of anthropologist is found to be on an average scale from the starting year 2014. It is assumed that the competition is expected to be keen as the job positions are likely to found in the private industry or government agencies. There are basically three career paths for an anthropologist that are academic careers, corporate and business career and various government careers. The professionals who are carrying bachelor’s or master’s degree have only limited job opportunities in this section. An anthropologist can also get the jobs at different private sectors like colleges, universities and various government agencies. There are also large employment opportunities in the forensic science departments for an anthropologist. In the coming times, there are many job opportunities that an anthropologist can gain either in the teaching line or as a researcher.





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